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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. BDT-Based Single Tau Selection Algorithm for the Level-2 ATLAS Hadronic Tau Trigger

    by Karamaoun, Andrew

    We present a Boosted Decision Tree (BDT) based algorithm, with promising potential, that can be used at the level-2 stage...

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  2. A beautiful inquiry: stories in the reflections of beauty

    by Lemieux, Denise H

    This study explored the implicit messages in narrative fiction relating to the construction of female beauty ideas and ideals....

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  3. Because we can't eat trees: Smallholders' willingness-to-accept to avoid deforestation in Cameroon

    by Thompson, Dara. Y. L.

    Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) has been brought forth by the global community as a strategy...

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  4. Becoming a Healthy Therapist: Influences of the Training Program Culture

    by Wyper, Katy

    Psychotherapists experience a variety of stressors, and many report mental health problems and burnout. However, most psychologists...

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  5. Becoming an assistant principal: negotiating identities between teaching and educational leadership

    by Gibeau, Monique A.

    The question that this study addressed was how Catholic educators from diverse experiential backgrounds negotiate personally...

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  6. Becoming an entrepreneur: How Chinese Immigrants in Canada Created an Entrepreneurial Identity

    by Zhang,Zhen

    My study attempts to answer important questions about how individuals develop an entrepreneurial identity, and what the role...

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  7. Becoming Youth: Coming of Age in Shakespeare and Marlowe

    by Prusko, Rachel

    While studies in Renaissance childhoods, literary and historical, are becoming more prominent, this work has failed to distinguish...

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  8. Behavior Modeling and Analysis in Multimedia Sharing Networks

    by Hu, Bo

    In multimedia sharing networks such as YouTube, and Flicker, etc, users actively participate and interact with each other,...

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    by Liu,Ming

    Batch reaction tests were conducted on Lea Park shale from Pembina Cardium Field in Alberta to investigate geochemical alterations...

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  10. Behavioral Verification of Small Networks of State-Machines Built with Arduino-like Processors

    by Delfani, Parisa

    Inexpensive yet versatile limited-capability processors enable computing to be embedded in many kinds of devices and situations....

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  11. Behaviour of cold-adapted Listeria monocytogenes under conditions representative of meat processing plants

    by Vail, Kathleen M

    The objective of this study was to examine filamentation characteristics of cold-adapted Listeria monocytogenes under conditions...

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  12. Behaviour of Steel Plate Shear Walls Fabricated with Partially Encased Composite Columns

    by Deng, Xiaoyan

    Partially encased composite columns consist of thin-walled built-up H-shaped steel sections with links welded near the flange...

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  13. Behaviour of Steel Shear Connections for Assessing Structural Vulnerability to Disproportionate Collapse

    by Oosterhof, Steven A

    The performance of structures under the effects of extreme loads can be a critical consideration in their design. The potential...

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  14. Behavioural and Environmental Factors Associated with Body Mass Index during Adolescence

    by Kamal, Aliaa Fadel

    The growing prevalence of overweight and obesity in adolescents is of great concern. The objective of this research was to...

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  15. Behavioural and physiological effects of weighted vests for children with autism

    by Hodgetts, Sandra

    Tactile and proprioceptive input provided by weighted vests is thought to decrease sensory modulation dysfunction in children...

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  16. Behind the Mask: A Narrative Inquiry into Operating Room Nurses' Experiences of Patient Safety

    by Moszczynski, Alice

    The delivery of safe care is an expectation and a central concern of individuals using the healthcare system, particularly...

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  17. Being (Almost) a Mathematician: Teacher Identity Formation in Post-Secondary Mathematics

    by Beisiegel, Mary deRaeve

    Within the field of mathematics teacher education, mathematics graduate students have recently become subjects of investigation....

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  18. Being There for the Other: Towards a Phenomenology of Help in Mathematics

    by Karuku, Simon Muriithi

    A qualitative study, framed within a hermeneutic phenomenological stance, was undertaken to explore and describe the essence...

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  19. Beliefs about caregiving, women’s work, and childcare: an Alberta example

    by Charchun, Julianna Kim

    Although a relationship between women’s work and use of child care is well-established, little is known about women’s beliefs...

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  20. Benefit-Cost Analysis of NIRS Feeding Initiative for the Alberta Dairy and Beef Cattle Industry

    by Li, Zheng

    Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) is considered a promising technique for feed analysis. The main advantages...

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