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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Automatic speaker identification in novels

    by He, Hua

    Speaker identification is the task of attributing utterances to characters in literary narratives. Although only some of...

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  2. Automatic step-size adaptation in incremental supervised learning

    by Mahmood, Ashique

    Performance and stability of many iterative algorithms such as stochastic gradient descent largely depend on a fixed and...

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  3. Automation of Design and Drafting for Manufacturing of Panels for Wood Frames of Buildings

    by Alwisy, Aladdin

    Industrialization creates new requirements for design. Designers need to consider not only building performance, but also...

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  4. Automation of design and drafting for wood frame structures and construction material waste minimization

    by Manrique Mogollon, Juan David

    With the creation and continuous enhancement of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, innovations in the area of computer...

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    by Chang, Zhihua

    Given a conformal superalgebra A over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic zero, a twisted loop conformal superalgebra...

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  6. An Autonomy Support Motivation Intervention with Pre-Service Teachers: Do the Strategies that They Intend to Use Change?

    by Radil, Amanda I.

    Self-Determination Theory posits that autonomy is one of three psychological needs whose fulfillment leads to an optimally...

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  7. Autonomy-support and control: observed mother-father differences and parents' contributions to preschool social-emotional competence

    by Gordon, Jennifer

    In a sample of 57 two-parent families, the current study investigated: (a) mother-father differences in observed autonomy...

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  8. Autoregulation of RNA helicase operon expression

    by Rosana, Albert Remus Romero

    The cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 encodes for an RNA helicase, crhR, whose expression is regulated by the redox...

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  9. Autotaxin and Tumor-Promoting Inflammation

    by Benesch, Matthew GK

    Autotaxin is a secreted enzyme that produces most of the extracellular lysophosphatidate from lysophosphatidylcholine, the...

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  10. Autotaxin, lysophosphatidate and taxol resistance

    by Samadi, Nasser

    First-line treatment of breast and other cancers with Taxol is compromised by resistance in up to 40% of patients. To improve...

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  11. Autoxidation for pre-refining of oil sands

    by Javadli, Rashad

    Oxidative desulfurization of oil sands bitumen as pre-refining methodology to improve bitumen quality in the absence of catalysts...

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  12. Availability of constituents' semantic representations during the processing of opaque and transparent compound words

    by Marchak, Kristan

    This project examined whether the availability of the semantic representations of the constituents of opaque compounds depends...

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  13. Aversive conditioning on horse back: A management alternative for grassland systems threatened by sedentary elk populations

    by Spaedtke, Holger Ronald

    Loss of migratory behaviour in ungulates has been observed worldwide and invites new tools for managing the habitat degradation...

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  14. Aviat diamonds: a window into the deep lithospheric mantle beneath the Northern Churchill Province

    by Peats, Jennifer

    The northern Churchill Province is an intensely explored, yet poorly researched target area for diamonds. I examined the...

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  15. Axisymmetric internal solitary waves launched by river plumes

    by McMillan, Justine M.

    The generation and evolution of internal solitary waves by intrusive gravity currents and river plumes are examined in an...

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  16. Axon excitability testing shows increased IH activity in populations of slow versus fast motor axons of the rat

    by Lorenz, Chad D

    Despite extensive knowledge of variations in motoneuron (MN) soma and muscle properties across different healthy muscles...

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  17. Back to the garden: territory and exchange in western Canadian folk music festivals

    by MacDonald, Michael B.

    Since the end of the American Folk Revival, in the late 1960s, folk festivals have undergone a dramatic change. Concurrently,...

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  18. The Backcountry as Home: Park Wardens, Families, and Jasper National Park’s District Cabin System, 1952-1972

    by Eckert-Lyngstad, Nicole J

    This research examines home life as experienced by single and married National Park Wardens, their partners and children...

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  19. Backcountry snowmobilers’ risk perceptions, avalanche related information seeking behaviours, preparedness and decision-making processes

    by Baker, Jennifer

    Although there has been substantial research on the avoidance of risk, much less has been completed on voluntary risk. This...

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  20. Background Estimation with GPU Speed Up

    by Chen, Xida

    Given a set of images from the same viewpoint, in which occlusions are present, background estimation is to output an image...

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