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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

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  1. Measurement, inhibition, and killing mechanisms of cytotoxic granule serine proteases

    by Ewen, Catherine L

    Natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) are critical for the protection of organisms against pathogens...

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  2. Measurement of Carrier Fluid Viscosities for Oil Sand Extraction and Tailings Slurries

    by Smith, Jessie L

    The mining of oil sands ore and extraction of bitumen produces aqueous slurries containing bitumen, coarse sand and fine...

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  3. Measurement properties of primary outcome measures in pediatric RCTs: inadequate reporting, insufficient validation, or both?

    by Bhaloo, Zafira K

    Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are the gold standard for high quality evidence generation pertaining to treatment effectiveness....

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  4. Measurement properties of the sagittal craniocervical posture photogrammetry

    by Gadotti, Inae Caroline

    Commonly in clinical settings, the patient’s posture is visually evaluated by the clinician using anatomical landmark references....

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  5. Measurements of radiation induced currents in RF coil conductors

    by Ghila, Andrei Dorin

    The integration of a clinical linear accelerator (linac) with a magnetic resonance imager (MRI) will offer real time images...

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  6. Measurements of Total Aerosol Deposition and Validation of Airway Resistance Models in Anatomically Realistic Intrathoracic Conducting Airway Replicas of Children

    by Akhavan Taheri Borojeni, Azadeh

    One objective of this research was to obtain a correlation that quantitatively predicts micrometer-sized aerosol particle...

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  7. Measuring and Interpreting Predation on Gastropod Shells

    by Stafford, Emily S.

    This dissertation focuses on problems and progress in studying crushing predation on gastropods in the Modern and the fossil...

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  8. Measuring Consumer Resistance to Innovation in Meat Packaging-Evidence from Choice Experiments

    by Chen, Qing

    In this thesis, consumers’ perceptions and willingness-to-pay for a new packaging technology for beef steaks, vacuum packaging,...

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  9. Measuring Energy Transfer from Wildland Forest Fires

    by Sullivan, Erik A

    Current practices for measuring high heat flux, in scenarios such as wildland forest fires, are to utilize expensive, thermopile-based...

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  10. Measuring Optomechanics with a Photon STM in the High Vacuum Environment

    by Reid, Kyle L

    Optomechanics, the sensing of mechanical movement using optical modes, has seen great advancement in recent years and has...

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  11. Measuring Pore-water Pressure in Partially Frozen Soils

    by Kia, Mohammadali

    Knowledge of pore-water pressure is essential to predict the ‘effective stress’ that controls the ‘resistance and deformation’...

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  12. Measuring the Dynamic Impedance of the Human Arm

    by Dyck, Matthew D.

    This thesis presents techniques to measure the human arm's mechanical impedance using a rehabilitation robot, drawing applications...

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  13. Measuring Vehicle Particle Emission Factors: Applications and Techniques

    by Momenimovahed, Ali

    The experimental work described in this thesis was conducted to study the particulate emissions from different automotive...

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  14. Measuring wall forces in a slurry pipeline

    by El-Sayed, Suheil

    Slurry transport is a key material handling technology in a number of industries. In oilsands ore transport, slurry pipelining...

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  15. Measuring wildlife response to seismic lines to inform land use planning decisions in northwest Canada

    by Tigner, D Jesse

    Development of hydrocarbon resources across northwest Canada has spurred economic prosperity but also generated concerns...

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  16. Meat characteristics and stress of bison slaughtered in a mobile or stationary abattoir

    by Galbraith, Jayson

    Meat characteristics and physiological stress measurements in bison exposed to different ante-mortem treatment groups and...

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  17. Mechanical Characteristics of Soils Treated with a Liquid Stabilizer

    by Zheng, Dong Ming

    Conaid is a liquid ionic soil stabilizers used as a compaction aid or a stabilizer for soil improvement. The material is...

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  18. Mechanical Modeling of Microtubules in Living Cells

    by Jin, MingZhao

    Three important mechanical behaviors of microtubules in vivo, i.e., buckling, vibration and splitting are investigated with...

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  19. Mechanical Properties of Bio- and Nano-filaments

    by Samarbakhsh, Abdorreza

    The thesis is divided in three parts based largely on published articles or on manuscripts submitted for publication. First...

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  20. Mechanical Properties of Hexadecane-Water Interfaces with Adsorbed Hydrophobic Bacteria

    by Kang, Zhewen

    Certain strains of hydrophobic bacteria are known to play critical roles in petroleum-related applications. The aim of this...

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