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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Modeling the mechanics of soft particles using nonlinear membrane theory

    by Sohail, Touqeer

    Recently there has been great research interest in small soft particles because of their significance in both biology and...

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  2. Modeling the Midpalatal Suture during Maxillary Expansion Treatment and its Implication towards Appliance Design

    by Romanyk, Daniel L

    Widening the maxilla, or upper jaw, is a common treatment in orthodontics used to generate additional room in the correction...

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  3. Modeling the Transmission of Tuberculosis in Long-Term Care Facilities using a Network Model

    by Muscat, Alison

    Tuberculosis (TB) infection in the elderly is frequently misdiagnosed. The resulting treatment delay may increase TB transmission...

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  4. Modeling the transport of cryoprotective agents in articular cartilage for cryopreservation

    by Abazari Torqabeh, Alireza

    Loading vitrifiable concentrations of cryoprotective agents is an important step for cryopreservation of biological tissues...

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  5. Modeling Uncertainty of Numerical Weather Predictions Using Learning Methods

    by Zarnani, Ashkan

    Weather forecasting is one of the most vital tasks in many applications ranging from severe weather hazard systems to energy...

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  6. Modeling zooplankton diel vertical migration patterns based on curve fitting and feature correlation analysis

    by Zhao, Shuang

    The goal of this thesis is to study and model the Diel Vertical Migration (DVM) pattern using machine learning methods. We...

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  7. Modelling a hydrocyclone for fine particle separation

    by Ghadirian,Morteza

    Abstract In this study a complete solution methodology is developed for the simulation of hydrocyclones. A commercial software...

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  8. Modelling and MPC for a Primary Gas Reformer

    by Sun, Lei

    In the steam methane reforming process, improvement of the reformed gas outlet temperature control performance can lead to...

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  9. Modelling concentration fluctuations in plumes dispersing in urban canopy flows within a single-particle lagrangian description for turbulent and molecular mixing

    by Postma, Jonathan Victor

    An interaction by exchange with the conditional mean (IECM) micromixing model is coupled to a three-dimensional single-particle...

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  10. Modelling early plant primary succession on Mount St. Helens

    by Marleau, Justin

    Understanding the mechanisms that control the rate and trajectory of primary succession can lead to insights for ecosystem...

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  11. Modelling of bypassed oil recovery in EOS compositional simulation

    by Zhang, Bo

    The local equilibrium assumption in the conventional composition simulation allows for no bypassing of oil at the sub-grid...

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  12. Modelling of PEMFC Catalyst Layer Mass Transport and Electro-Chemical Reactions Using Multi-scale Simulations

    by Wardlaw, Philip E

    The focus of this work is on improving understanding of mass transport limiting phenomena occurring within the micro-structure...

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  13. Modelling of solvent extraction of coal

    by Figueroa, Diana C

    Modelling of solvent extraction was studied using 1,2,3,4–tetrahydronaphtalene (tetralin) and Poplar coal (lignite). A kinetic...

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  14. Modelling phonetic reduction in a corpus of spoken English using Random Forests and Mixed-Effects Regression

    by Dilts, Philip C

    In this thesis, phonetic reduction in the Buckeye Corpus (Pitt et al. 2005) of conversational speech is modelled using advanced...

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  15. MODELLING THE RHEOLOGY OF COMPLEX FLUIDS : Cases of Bitumen and Heavy Oils at low temperatures.

    by Dion, Moïse

    As complex fluids such as heavy oil or bitumen pass from the field to process units, structural and compositional changes...

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  16. Models for Forest Growth and Mortality: Linking Demography to Competition and Climate

    by Dawson, Andria E

    The Earth’s forests are of great economic, ecological, and social importance, and sustaining them is paramount for mitigating...

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  17. Models for Univariate and Multivariate Analysis of Longitudinal and Clustered Data

    by Luo, Dandan

    Longitudinal studies of repeated observations on subjects are commonly undertaken in medical and biological sciences. The...

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  18. Modernity and the Supernatual in Taiwan: Gods, Ghosts, and Ancestors Revisited

    by Habkirk, Scott

    This research examines how religious and supernatural beliefs have changed with the rapid modernization and increased standard...

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  19. Modification and Application of Gold Nanoparticles in Surface-Based Immunoassays

    by Laurentius, Lars B

    Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are at the forefront of many research areas and generally require very specific surface functionalities...

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  20. Modification of steer muscle composition and meat quality through age at slaughter, hormonal implants, ractopamine hydrochloride feed supplementation, and breed crosses

    by Girard, Isabelle

    Management systems that enhance carcass yield can increase the efficiency and competitiveness of beef producers, but meat...

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