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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

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  1. Micro-modeling and study of the impact of microstructure on the performance of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes

    by Abbaspour Gharamaleki, Ali

    As the demand for green energy and fuel cells grows, more attention is drawn towards Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs). Random...

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  2. Microscopic Superfluidity in Small Helium Clusters Doped with Hydrogen Cyanide

    by Dempster, Steve P

    The construction and use of a broadband Fourier-transform microwave spectrometer utilizing linear frequency sweeps will be...

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  3. Microseismic event location using the Double-difference technique for multiplet analysis

    by Castellanos, Fernando r

    Microseismic event location provides a plethora of information about underground processes such as hydraulic fracturing,...

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  4. Microstructural Characterization of Asphaltenes on Surfaces

    by Mehranfar, Mahsa

    Crude oils contain a distribution of molecules with diverse chemical structures and molecular weights. Asphaltenes are considered...

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  5. Microstructural Characterization of Chromium Carbide Overlays and a Study of Alternative Welding Processes for Industrial Wear Applications

    by Borle, Steven D

    Microstructural features of chromium carbide overlays (CCOs) were examined in this work. It was found that the microstructures...

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  6. Microstructural investigation of D2 tool steel during rapid solidification

    by Delshad Khatibi, Pooya

    Solidification is considered as a key processing step in developing the microstructure of most metallic materials. It is,...

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  7. Microstructure and properties of Ni-alloy and Ni-WC composite overlays

    by Liyanage, Thilan

    The microstructures and performance of Ni-based alloys and Ni-WC (nickel-tungsten carbide) composite overlays deposited by...

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  8. Microstructure Development in Viscoelastic Fluid Systems

    by Li, Huaping

    This thesis deals with the mechanisms of microstructure development in polymer blends. Much work has been performed on the...

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  9. Microstructure-property correlation in magnesium-based hydrogen storage systems- The case for ball-milled magnesium hydride powder and Mg-based multilayered composites

    by Danaie, Mohsen

    The main focus of this thesis is the characterization of defects and microstructure in high-energy ball milled magnesium...

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  10. Microtubule Organization in the Presence of Motor Proteins

    by White, Diana T

    In this thesis, we construct a non-local transport model that describes the evolution of microtubules (MTs) as they interact...

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  11. Microwave Assisted Regeneration of Na-ETS-10

    by Chowdhury, Tamanna

    In adsorptive separation of binary gas mixtures, regeneration techniques require either a long operation time or high energy...

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  12. Microwave heating for adsorbents regeneration and oil sands coke activation

    by Chen, Heng

    Microwave heating has unique advantages compared to convection-radiation heating methods including fast heating rate and...

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  13. Middle-Aged and Older Adult Walking and Hiking Groups of Cochrane, Alberta: How Outdoor Group Exercise Influences Perceptions of Health, Healing, and Disease

    by Steadman, Rodney

    Middle-aged and older adult walking and hiking groups of Cochrane had unique perceptions of health and healing due to their...

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  14. Midgap states in gapped graphene induced by short-range impurities

    by Grinek, Stepan

    Graphene is a recently created truly two-dimensional carbon material with promising properties. It is a prospective candidate...

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  15. Mid-infrared spectroscopy estimates nutrient digestibility in pigs to improve in vitro digestion models

    by Wang, Lifang

    Co-products are increasingly used as alternative feedstuffs for pigs, but their nutritional quality varies largely. Rapid...

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  16. Mild, Green and Catalytic: Ortho-Iodoarylboronic Acids for Direct Amide Bond Formation at Room Temperature

    by Al-Zoubi, Raed M.

    Although the thermal direct formation of amide bonds has been known since 1858, the mechanism of the reaction remains poorly...

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  17. MIMO Relays for Increased Coverage and Capacity in Broadband Cellular Systems

    by Jacobson, Kevin Robert

    A significant challenge for fourth generation cellular systems is the reliable delivery of high speed (up to 1 gigabit per...

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  18. Miniaturized genetic analysis systems based on microelectronic and microfluidic technologies

    by Behnam Dehkordi, Mohammad

    Genetic analysis is not widely used for disease diagnostics as it is costly and very labour/infrastructure intensive. We...

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  19. Minimal anisotropic groups of higher real rank

    by Ondrus, Alexander A.

    The purpose of this thesis is to give a classification of anisotropic algebraic groups over number fields of higher real...

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  20. Minimal Hellinger Deflators and HARA Forward Utilities with Applications: Hedging with Variable Horizon

    by Ma, Junfeng

    This thesis develops three major essays on the topic of horizon-dependence for optimal portfolio. The first essay contributes...

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