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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

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  1. Methanogenesis in oil sands tailings: an analysis of the microbial community involved and its effects on tailings densification

    by Li, Carmen

    Densification of tailings slurries to mature fine tailings (MFT) is important in the oil sands industry for tailings inventory...

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  2. A Method to Enhance Re-Endothelialization of Tissue Engineered Decellularized Allograft Heart Scaffolds

    by Desai, Leena

    Allograft tissue is used to reconstruct cardiac birth defects but induces an immune response resulting in allo-sensitization....

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  3. Methodological issues in randomized trials of pediatric acute diarrhea: evaluating probiotics and the need for standardized definitions and valid outcome measures

    by Johnston, Bradley C.

    BACKGROUND: In a 2006 WHO report, diarrheal diseases ranked second among conditions afflicting children. Pediatric acute...

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  4. Methodologies for Many-Input Feedback-Directed Optimization

    by Berube, Paul N. J.

    This thesis makes improvement to the process of ahead-of-time feedback-directed optimization (FDO) in compiler design. It...

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  5. Methodology and natural product synthesis: carbocycles, culpin and sorbicillactone A

    by Sunasee, Rajesh

    The first chapter of this thesis describes the development of a general method for indirectly effecting radical carbocyclization...

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  6. Methodology for Assessing Transport Properties of Wells Used in the Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

    by Moreno Tellez, Francisco J

    One of the aspects of climate change is global warming, which can be defined as the increase in the average temperature of...

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  7. A Methodology for Calculating Tonnage Uncertainty in Vein-Type Deposits

    by Munroe, Michael J

    One of the main sources of uncertainty in vein type deposits is found in the calculation of the tonnage. The boundary limits...

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  8. Methods for Automatic Heart Sound Identification

    by Joya, Michael

    This thesis provides a description of the cardiac rhythm as a latent chain of heart sound arrivals which occur over time,...

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  9. Methods for determining whether subscore reporting is warranted in large-scale achievement assessments

    by Babenko, Oksana Illivna

    Officials of large-scale assessment programs often want to report subscale scores in addition to the total test score. However,...

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  10. Methods to Mitigate Harmonics in Residential Power Distribution Systems

    by Bagheri, Pooya

    The excessive waveform distortions in the present power distribution systems are produced mainly by the large number of residential...

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  11. Michel Tremblay's Albertine en cinq temps: A Tale of Two Translations

    by Kennedy, Andrea

    This thesis compares two translations done of the play written by dramaturge Michel Tremblay entitled, Albertine en cinq...

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  12. Micro and Nano Scale Sensors for Room Temperature Detection of Methane

    by Rahimi, Mehrnaz

    Detection of methane at room temperature is a challenge due to its inert properties, such as being non polar and showing...

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  13. Microbial and Organic Matter Characteristics of Restored Riparian Soils

    by Card, Suzanne M.

    In the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of Canada wetlands once utilized for agricultural purposes are being restored to their...

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  14. Microbial biodeterioration of human skeletal material from Tell Leilan, Syria (2900 – 1900 BCE)

    by Pitre, Mindy Christina

    Human bone is considered one of the most direct and insightful sources of information on peoples of the past. As a result,...

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  15. Microbial communities in organic substrates used for oil sands reclamation and their link to boreal seedling growth

    by Beasse, Mark L

    Soil reconstruction in the Athabasca oil sands region utilises forest floor and peat materials as surface organic amendments...

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  16. Microbial ecology of food fermentations and intestinal ecosystems

    by Lin,Xiaoxi

    Microbiota are ubiquitous in nature. Similarities as well as differences are present between microbiota in animals and fermentation...

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  17. Microbiological and chemical characterisation of ting, a sorghum-based gluten-free fermented cereal product from Botswana

    by Sekwati-Monang, Bonno

    Fermented cereal foods produced in Africa involve a wide range of raw materials, e.g. millets, sorghum and maize, which are...

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  18. Microfabricated Nickel Based Sensors for Hositle and High Pressure Environments

    by Holt, Christopher M. B.

    This thesis outlines the development of two platforms for integrating microfabricated sensors with high pressure feedthroughs...

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  19. Microfabrication and characterization of carbon/molecule/metal molecular junctions

    by Ru, Jie

    Carbon/molecule/Cu/Au molecular junctions were fabricated on 4-inch silicon wafers using microfabrication techniques common...

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  20. Micromechanical Study of Borehole Breakout Mechanism

    by Rahmati, Hossein

    Borehole breakouts are zones of enlargements of the wellbore cross section that form as a result of rock failure at the wellbore...

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