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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

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  1. Plant litter: direct and indirect effects of simulated climate change and clipping on its decomposition, and its effects on plant-plant interactions

    by Nyanumba, S M.

    Terrestrial ecosystems are characterized by an intricate relationship between plants and soils that influence ecosystem and...

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  2. Plant-herbivore interactions across an alpine meadow gradient

    by Illerbrun, Kurt K

    The Rocky Mountain apollo butterfly, Parnassius smintheus, and its host-plant Sedum lanceolatum, are endemic to open alpine...

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  3. Plant-wide Performance Monitoring and Controller Prioritization

    by Pareek, Samidh

    Plant-wide performance monitoring has generated a lot of interest in the control engineering community. The idea is to judge...

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  4. Plastic phenotypic responses of the sea star Pisaster ochraceus to spatial and temporal variation in wave exposure

    by Hayne, Kurtis

    The intertidal sea star Pisaster ochraceus lives in a wide range of wave-exposure conditions in the northeastern Pacific....

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  5. Playing and Solving Havannah

    by Ewalds, Timo V

    Havannah is a recent game that is interesting from an AI research perspective. Some of its properties, including virtual...

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  6. Playing and solving the game of Hex

    by Henderson, Philip

    The game of Hex is of interest to the mathematics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence communities. It is a classical...

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  7. PLGA-based nanoparticles for targeting of dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy and immunomonitoring

    by Ghotbi, Zahra

    Cancer vaccines have shown little success in clinic. Dendritic cells (DCs) are of particular interest in cancer vaccination...

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  8. Plumes in stratified environments

    by Ansong, Joseph Kojo

    This research presents the results of two interrelated sets of experiments examining the dynamics of plumes and fountains in...

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    by Bostick, Geoffrey Paul

    The experience of pain is multidimensional. Biological, psychological and social factors combine to inform the experience...

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  10. Policy from below: Foregrounding teacher experiences of hardship in remote rural secondary schools in Kenya

    by Nungu, Musembi

    Teacher shortage for schools in remote rural areas (also called hardship areas) in Kenya, as in other parts of the world,...

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  11. The political economy of Canadian oil export policy, 1949-2002

    by Whyte, Tanya

    This thesis uses a staples-based political economy approach, supplemented with regulation theory, to investigate why Canadian...

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  12. Political Ideology and Heritage Language Development in a Chilean Exile Community: A Multiple Case Study

    by Becker, Ava

    Our current understanding of Spanish heritage language development (HLD) in the English-speaking world is largely restricted...

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  13. Political Implications of Affective Response to Rhetoric in Oswald’s Spectre and Hatzis’s The Awakening

    by Arsenault, Jeffrey A

    What does it mean to be emotionally affected by music? This study considers the experience of listening to music for political...

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  14. The Political Realism of Bernard Williams: A Critical Examination

    by Ollenberger, Adam L

    In this essay, I present a reading of one of Bernard Williams's late political essays, "Realism and Moralism in Political...

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  15. The Politics of Coming Out: Stigma and Biomedical Models of Mental Disorder

    by Thachuk, Angela K

    Drawing from philosophical, clinical, sociological, and activist literatures, my work critically analyses the deployment...

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  16. The Politics of Development in Nunavut: Land Claims, Arctic Urbanization, and Geopolitics

    by Weber, Barret

    This thesis surveys the development of Nunavut as not only a governmental and institutional entity but as a territory that...

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  17. The politics of food in Zimbabwe

    by Jaricha, Edmond Musengi

    Southern Africa faced a serious food security crisis after a three-year drought which started in the 1999/2000 season. In...

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  18. The politics of memory in the reconstruction of Downtown Beirut

    by Nassif, Rawane

    At the end of the Lebanese war in 1990, the newly elected Prime Minister, Rafic Hariri, assigned the reconstruction of Downtown...

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  19. The politics of the face: manifestations of Che Guevara's image and its collage of renderings and agency

    by Cambre, Maria-Carolina

    Che Guevara’s image, is seen as a global icon crossing all kinds of social and cultural boundaries, as exemplified in street...

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  20. Politics, power, and environmental governance: a comparative case study of three Métis communities in northwest Saskatchewan

    by Politylo, Bryn

    Recently northwest Saskatchewan has seen a rapid push towards large-scale development corresponding with a shifting political...

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