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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. A parent involvement intervention with elementary school students: the effectiveness of parent tutoring on reading achievement

    by Goudey, Jennifer

    This study evaluated an intervention that integrated explicit instruction of word recognition strategies within a home tutoring...

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  2. Parent Perceptions of Early Intervention for Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in South Korea

    by Shin, Dong-In

    Using an online survey, this study investigated when South Korean parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)...

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  3. Parental perspectives on supports and services for children with Emotional/Behavioural Disorders

    by Edey, Ruth

    In this qualitative study, parental perspectives were sought about the overall experiences of seeking support for children...

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  4. Parental use of psychological and behavioural control and the relationship to children's eating habits

    by Soco-Kinsella, Karyna

    This correlational study examined parent-feeding practices, children’s negative affect towards food, and parental psychological...

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  5. Parent-child communication and adolescents’ problem-solving strategies in hypothetical bullying situations

    by Gould, Laura Doreen

    The current study investigated: (a) the types of solutions that students and parents generate in response to hypothetical...

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  6. Parent-child mutuality and preschoolers’ social problem solving in response to five narratives

    by Funamoto, Allyson

    The current study examined whether: (a) mother- or father-child mutuality predicts social problem-solving (SPS) strategies...

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  7. Parenting and Peer Bullying: Parents’ and Adolescents’ Beliefs, Communication, Behavior and Strategies

    by Muth, Tracy J

    Bullying by peers is a serious problem facing Canadian adolescents today. A key social support for adolescents is the support...

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  8. Parenting processes in families of children who have sustained burns: a grounded theory study

    by Paul Ravindran, Vinitha Priscilla

    The impetus for this study came from my clinical practice with burn-injured children in India. Burn injury is one of the...

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  9. Parenting Stress in Mothers of Gifted and Typical Children

    by Bishop, Barbara D

    Abstract This study was designed to compare reported levels of parenting stress in mothers of gifted children with mothers...

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  10. Parenting Styles and Early Childhood Behavioural Functioning: A Comparison Between Self-Reported and Observed Parenting Styles

    by Sheh, Naomi O

    The current study investigated mothers’ and fathers’ self-reported and observed parenting styles, and determined how self-report...

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  11. Parents and peers: understanding direct and indirect effects on adolescent marijuana use

    by Medori, Joy Christine

    To better understand the relationship of parent and peer factors in contributing to adolescent marijuana use, the present...

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  12. Parents' Perception of Professional Contacts During their Adaptation to Caring for a Child with Disabilities

    by Intaprasert, Wanapa

    Abstract The key objective of this study was to identify and describe parents’ perceptions of professional practices that...

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  13. Parents' perceptions of positive youth development through sport

    by Neely, Katherine C

    The purpose of this exploratory study was to examine parents’ perceptions of their children’s positive youth development...

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  14. Parent-School Partnerships in Early Elementary: The Importance of Parent Educational Involvement in Children's Social-emotional Functioning

    by Gordon, Jennifer W.

    This quantitative study investigated the direct and indirect contributions of parent involvement (i.e., the quality and quantity...

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  15. Participants' perspectives of risk inherent in unstructured qualitative interviews

    by McIntosh, Michele J

    The purpose of my dissertation research was to ascertain participants' perspectives regarding perceived risk in unstructured...

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  16. Particle Contributions to Kinematic Friction in Slurry Pipeline Flow

    by Gillies, Daniel P

    Slurries of four particle types in water were tested in a 75 mm diameter pipeline loop. The particles were chosen in order...

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  17. Particle Filter for Bayesian State Estimation and Its Application to Soft Sensor Development

    by Shao, Xinguang

    For chemical engineering processes, state estimation plays a key role in various applications such as process monitoring,...

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  18. Passing a Hide and Seek Turing Test

    by Cenkner, Andrew P

    Hiding and seeking are cognitive abilities frequently demonstrated by humans in both real life and video games. To test to...

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  19. Passive and non-mechanical pumping in microfluidic devices

    by Waghmare, Prashant Rakhmaji

    Last couple of decades have witnessed massive upsurge in efforts of transporting and manipulating solutes and moieties in...

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  20. Patient and treatment characteristics of children and youth who visit the emergency department for a behavioural disorder

    by Liu, Stacy

    More and more parents are seeking care for their children in emergency departments (EDs) to stabilize acute emergencies related...

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