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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Age, geochemistry, and fluid characteristics of the MAX porphyry Mo deposit, southeast British Columbia

    by Lawley, Christopher John Michael

    MAX is a porphyry Mo deposit located near Trout Lake village in southeastern British Columbia. Mo mineralization is hosted...

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  2. Age, origin and composition of the Attawapiskat lithospheric mantle and its diamonds (western Superior craton, Canada)

    by Smit, Karen V

    This study reports results from peridotitic and eclogitic xenoliths and di- amond samples from the Attawapiskat area to understand...

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  3. Aggregate Interference Analysis for Cognitive Radio Networks

    by Kusaladharma, Sachitha P.

    In underlay Cognitive Radio (CR) systems, secondary users may transmit while primary transmissions take place. However, the...

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  4. Aggregate Resource Extraction: Examining Environmental Impacts on Optimal Extraction and Reclamation Strategies

    by Campbell, Brett A

    Aggregate resources are naturally occurring deposits of sand, gravel and crushed stone that are integral components to the...

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  5. Aggregation and Sedimentation of Fine Solids

    by Omidghane, Mehdi

    In many applications, it is desired to separate unwanted fine particulates from a liquid by gravity settling. An efficient...

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  6. Aggregation and Sedimentation of Fine Solids in Non-Aqueous Media

    by Karkooti, Amin

    Environmental concerns about water-based extraction necessitate the development of an alternative non-aqueous extraction...

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  7. Aggregation and sedimentation of fine solids in non-aqueous media

    by Fotovati, Maryam

    A major challenge to any “solvent-based” bitumen extraction technology is the removal of suspended fine solids from the hydrocarbon...

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  8. Aggressiveness, boldness, and lateralization: an investigation of personality by sex and alternative male morph in Pelvicachromis pulcher

    by Seaver, Cheryl Marie Sedlak

    Animal personality, patterns of behavior that are consistent across time and contexts, is a growing area of study and has...

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  9. Agitating images

    by Campbell, Craig

    The title of this thesis gives away little beyond an engagement with the visual and the implication of some sort of trouble:...

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  10. Agriculture in crisis: policy analysis and cow-calf producer behaviour in the aftermath of the Canadian BSE events

    by Schaufele, Brandon

    The bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) crisis was a significant shock to the Canadian agricultural sector. On May 20,...

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  11. Air Injection for River Water Quality Improvement

    by Zhang, Wenming

    The problem of low dissolved oxygen (DO) level has been found to be widespread in ice-covered or polluted rivers. This thesis...

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  12. Airborne particulate matter and a western style diet as potential environmental factors in the pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    by Kish, Lisa

    Inflammatory bowel disease is believed to occure in response to environmental factors resulting in immune dysregulation in...

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  13. Air-core microcavities and metal-dielectric filters - building blocks for optofluidic microsystems

    by Allen, Trevor W.

    This thesis describes a study on two optical devices intended to be building blocks for the creation of integrated optical/microfluidic...

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  14. Alarm limits, deadbands and chattering

    by Naghoosi, Elham

    Receiving false and nuisance alarms is a well known problem in industrial alarm systems. The main cause of this problem is...

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  15. Albertans' preferences for social distance from people with mental illnesses or problems

    by Klassen, Amy Lynn

    Researchers have noted that the level of contact respondents have with people who have a mental illness and how they attribute...

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  16. Algorithmic Trading: Implementing PVol in Discrete Time

    by Yang, Zhuolin

    This thesis considers PVol (Percentage of Volume) strategies, which are an often used type of algorithmic trading strategies....

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  17. Algorithms towards haplotype-sharing based association studies of case-control traits on pedigree data

    by Sabaa, Hadi

    Association studies that attempt to link genes with traits are expected to unearth various genomic roots for various diseases....

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  18. Alienation in physical education from the perspectives of children

    by Rintoul, Mary Ann R

    The purpose of this exploratory research study was to examine the phenomenon of alienation in physical education from the...

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  19. Alignment and Variable Selection Tools for Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry Data

    by Sinkov, Nikolai

    Each individual chromatogram is typically very sparse, especially when coupled with a technique such as mass spectrometry....

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  20. Alkali Metal C1-C12 n-alkanoates

    by Bui, Ly, H

    Phase transitions of the alkali metal carboxylates have been explored by many researchers. A fair amount of scatter can also...

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