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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Active flow control of a precessing jet

    by Babazadeh, Hamed

    Active flow control of a precessing jet is the focus of this work. A round jet confined by a round cavity exhibits a self-excited...

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  2. Active heterotrophic microbial communities from polar desert soils of the Canadian High Arctic

    by Taghavimehr,Elham

    Polar warming will lead to increased labile organic carbon in Arctic soils, both from the release of organic carbon stored...

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  3. Active open-loop control of a backward-facing step flow

    by Baugh, Aaron R

    A robotically-controlled actuation system has been developed and built to perform active open-loop flow control experiments...

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  4. Activity of Nanocrystalline Gold and Silver Alloys

    by Unrau, Kevin R

    Gold and silver dressing alloys were created by DC magnetron sputtering and compared with pure silver nanocrystalline dressings...

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  5. Acute Pain in Hospitalized Chronically Ill Children

    by Medynski, Jolene Amber

    In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master in Nursing, Faculty of Nursing.

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  6. Adaptation and the postdramatic: a study of Heiner Müller in non-European performance

    by McLeod, Kimberley J K

    In his plays, Heiner Müller uses postdramatic techniques to challenge audiences. Adaptations of his work tend to either engage...

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  7. Adaptation of trembling aspen and hybrid poplars to frost and drought: implications for selection and movement of planting stock in western Canada

    by Schreiber, Stefan Georg

    This study contains a series of experiments to evaluate growth performance and survival of hybrid poplars (Populus spp.)...

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  8. Adaptive and Nonlinear Control of a Voltage Source Converter

    by Milasi, Rasoul M.

    Over the past decade improvements in semiconductor technology have led to faster power electronic switches with higher ratings....

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  9. An adaptive approach to endangered species recovery based on a management experiment: reducing moose to reduce apparent competition with woodland caribou

    by Serrouya, Robert D

    Species that are rare yet widely distributed are among the most challenging to conserve. The mountain ecotype of woodland...

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  10. Adaptive local threshold with shape information and its application to oil sand image segmentation

    by Shi, Jichuan

    This thesis is concerned with a novel local threshold segmentation algorithm for digital images incorporating shape information....

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  11. Adaptive phase synchronization techniques for unbalanced and distorted three-phase voltage system

    by Woinowsky-Krieger, Alexis

    Interfacing and operating AC power electronic systems requires rapid and accurate estimation of the phase angle of the power...

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  12. ADC and T2 response to radiotherapy in a human tumour xenograft model

    by Larocque, Matthew

    A 9.4 T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system was used to evaluate the response of a human tumour xenograft model to radiation...

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  13. Addiction counselling self-efficacy, job satisfaction, motivation, and burnout: A mixed methods study

    by Elliott-Erickson, Sara

    Addiction counsellors provide the majority of treatment to individuals struggling with substance abuse and problem gambling...

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  14. Addition Reactions of Olefins to Asphaltene Model Compounds

    by Cardozo, Samuel D.

    Two alkyl-bridged aromatic compounds, with molecular weights of 899.70 g/mol and 1127.99 g/mol, were thermally cracked with...

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  15. Additive abstraction-based heuristics

    by Yang, Fan

    In this thesis, we study theoretically and empirically the additive abstraction-based heuristics. First we present formal...

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  16. Addressing exercise in therapy: Therapists’ personal exercise habits, attitudes, knowledge, and perceived barriers to addressing exercise with clients.

    by Hitschfeld, Marjorie

    This study was designed to investigate the factors that contribute to addressing exercise in psychotherapy. Self-identified...

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  17. Addressing physical activity in psychotherapy: theoretical orientation and mind-body dualism

    by Germin, Jessie

    Despite the substantial research illustrating the positive effects of physical activity on mental health, there are few studies...

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  18. Adenoviral Vectors Targeted to Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    by Sharon, David

    Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most common cancer and third leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Due to the...

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  19. The Adhesion of Stored Red Blood Cells to Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells

    by Nunes, Julien

    The field of transfusion medicine is dependent upon the ability to store and preserve the native functionality of red blood...

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  20. Adjustment demands through diagnosis and treatment of end stage renal disease

    by Dhillon, Karen JK

    End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is a chronic illness that results when the kidneys are no longer able to function to maintain...

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