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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

Items in Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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  1. Atomistic Simulations for Investigating Structural Stability and Selecting Initial Adsorption Orientation of Lysozyme and Apo-α-Lactalbumin at Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Surfaces

    by Pansri, Siriporn

    Molecular dynamics (MD) simulations were performed to investigate the structural stability of lysozyme and apo-α-lactalbumin...

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  2. ATP and central respiratory control: a three-part signaling system

    by Zwicker, Jennifer D

    ATP actions on central inspiratory networks are determined by a three-part signaling system comprising: i) excitatory actions...

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  3. Attachment of CeO2 and SiO2 for Chemical Mechanical Polishing: Theory and Experiments

    by Rafie Borujeny, Elham

    Interactions of finely dispersed abrasive particles in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries play a vital role...

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  4. Attachment, Supervisor Support, & Burnout in Professors

    by Tremblay, Jacob W

    Burnout is a chronic syndrome characterized by emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced efficacy that has long-term ill...

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  5. Attitudes and Opinions of Pediatric Physicians Regarding Decisions to Withdraw or Withhold Medically-Provided Hydration or Nutrition

    by Belletrutti, Mark J

    Deciding to forego intravenous hydration (IH) and medically-provided nutrition (MPN) in pediatric patients remains controversial....

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  6. The Attribute of Space in Music: Three Examples

    by Arnáez, Nicolás A. M.

    Sound and space are physically inseparable; all sounds have a defined spatial location. Our ears receive the energy generated...

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  7. Atwood, Moisan, and Beyond: The Question of Diversity in Comparative Canadian Literature

    by McKay, Kristy Lynn

    The following consideration of methodologies in comparative Canadian literary criticism is influenced by Margaret Atwood’s...

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  8. Audiences and Adaptation: Self, Story, and the Privilege of Un/Knowing

    by Friederichsen, Jessica L

    Anthony Giddens writes that self-identity is constructed by the individual from the details of her own life. The individual...

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  9. Audit Client Satisfaction and Engagement Profitability

    by Hoang, Kristina Jane

    This study examines client satisfaction and engagement profitability for a Big 4 audit firm. I obtain proprietary client...

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  10. Auditory and Sensorimotor Resting State Networks in Children Preceding and Following Overt Speaking

    by Esch, Julia R

    Measuring the impact of a task on resting state networks (RSNs) is important for understanding their relative strength and...

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  11. Authoring Themselves as Mathematical Learners: Students' Experiences of Learning to Learn High School Mathematics

    by McFeetors, Pamela Janelle

    High school mathematics students often complete homework and study for unit tests without support to consider how these actions...

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  12. An Autobiographical Narrative Inquiry into the lived tensions between Familial and School Curriculum-Making Worlds

    by Swanson, Cindy Paula Ellen

    This autobiographical narrative inquiry explores my lived experiences in both the familial curriculum-making and school curriculum-making...

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  13. Automated Abstraction of Large Action Spaces in Imperfect Information Extensive-Form Games

    by Hawkin, John A

    An agent in an adversarial, imperfect information environment must sometimes decide whether or not to take an action and,...

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  14. Automated Essay Scoring Framework for a Multilingual Medical Licensing Examination

    by Latifi, Syed Muhammad Fahad

    Automated essay scoring (AES) is a technology that efficiently and economically score written responses by emulating intelligence...

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  15. Automated Planning and Player Modelling for Interactive Storytelling

    by Ramirez Sanabria, Alejandro J

    Interactive Storytelling (IS) acknowledges that people want to be participants in the unfolding of a story plot. Given the...

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  16. Automated Planning and Scheduling for Industrial Construction Processes

    by Hu, Di

    Cost overrun and schedule slippage are common problems for mega industrial construction projects. Lack of effective planning...

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  17. Automated post-simulation visualization of modular building production assembly line

    by Han, Sang Hyeok

    Simulation is often used to model production processes with the aim of understanding and improving them. In many cases, however,...

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  18. Automated Simulation Model for Crane Motion Planning in Heavy Industrial Projects

    by Lei, Zhen

    In North America, industrial projects are constructed using a modularization/offsite construction method. Modules, such as...

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  19. Automated Story-based Commentary for Sports

    by Lee, Gregory M. K.

    Automated sports commentary is a form of automated narrative and human-computer interaction. Sports commentary exists to...

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  20. Automatic Animal Species Identification Based on Camera Trapping Data

    by Wang, Baoliang

    The classification of animal images based on camera trapping data is an important and challenging task in the domains of...

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