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Theses and Dissertations Spring 2009 to present

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This collection contains theses and dissertations of graduate students of the University of Alberta submitted since Spring 2009. Documents are added to this collection through the review process required for convocation for current students.

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  1. 1H-MRS Measurements of Brain Metabolites in Postpartum Depression and Pregnancy

    by Burgess, Denee

    Numerous investigations have suggested that dysregulation of the neurotransmitter glutamate (Glu) plays an important role...

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  2. 2,3-Aziridino Ribofuranosyl Donors in Glycoside Bond Synthesis

    by Ahmed, Md. Faiaz

    The number of biologically important events mediated by carbohydrates has generated great interest in the synthesis of oligosaccharides...

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  3. 2-D hydraulic and ice process modeling at Hay River, NWT

    by Brayall, Michael

    This study was part of the development of an ice jam flood forecasting system for Hay River, NWT. 2-D numerical models were...

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  4. 2-D modeling of freeze-up processes on the Athabasca River downstream of Fort McMurray, Alberta

    by Wojtowicz, Agata

    This study is part of a three year project aimed to assess the effects of industrial water withdrawals on the ice regime...

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  5. 2-D pore and core scale visualization and modeling of immiscible and miscible CO2 injection in fractured systems

    by Er, Vahapcan

    Pore scale interaction between matrix and fracture during miscible and immiscible CO2 injection was studied experimentally...

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  6. 3D Micro-fabricated Millimeter-wave Devices: Waveguides and Waveguide Switches

    by Vahabisani,Nahid

    Rectangular waveguides (RWG) are highly desirable in millimeter-wave applications due to their excellent RF performance and...

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  7. 3D model representation and manipulation based on skeletonization

    by Shi, Liang

    3D model is a promising type of multimedia content for entertainment, research and education purposes. This thesis addresses...

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  8. 3D Point Cloud Transmission and Visualization

    by Chen,Feng

    The need for increasingly high resolution 3D models and the cost in processing high resolution polygonal meshes have made...

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  9. 3D Reconstruction of Transparent and Specular Objects

    by Liu, Ding

    3D reconstruction of transparent and specular objects is a very challenging topic in computer vision. The goal is to get...

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  10. 3D-Printed Microstrip Resonators for 4.7T MRI

    by Javidmehr, Saeed

    Radiofrequency (RF) coils are a substantial part of Magnetic Resonance Imaging System. Microstrip transmission line (MTL)...

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  11. 4-[18F]Fluoroiodobenzene and its applications in palladium-mediated Sonogashira cross coupling reactions

    by Way, Jenilee D

    Way, Jenilee1; Wang, Monica1; Wuest, Melinda1; Bergmann, Cody1; Hamann, Ingrit1; Wuest, Frank1* 1 University of Alberta,...

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  12. 4-aminobenzoic acid hydrazide mediated inhibition of Microperoxidase-11: catalytic inhibition by reactive metabolites.

    by Arvadia, Pratik

    Currently, there is lack of clinical therapeutics for inhibiting myeloperoxidase mediated pathogenesis. We used 4-aminobenzoic...

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  13. 69Ga and 71Ga Solid-State NMR Studies of Six-Coordinate Gallium-Oxygen Complexes

    by Feland, Brett C.

    Presented herein is a solid-state 71Ga and 69Ga NMR study of several six-coordinate gallium-oxygen compounds: Ga(acac)3,...

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  14. Abnormal Death Memorials in Ukraine: the Folkloristic Perspective

    by Kukharenko, Svitlana P.

    Abnormal death memorials are unofficial cenotaphs and burial places located in public space. They mark the sites of sudden...

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  15. Above- and below-ground effects of an exotic ecosystem engineer in the boreal forest

    by Cameron, Erin K

    Species invasions are increasing worldwide and are impacting populations, communities, and ecosystems. Non-native species...

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  16. Abrasive Wear Assessment of X70 Steel and Polyurethane Coupons on a Modified Dry/Sand Rubber Wheel Apparatus

    by Jaimes,Victor H

    An experimental study was conducted to assess the scratching abrasion in dry and wet environments on X-70 steel and five...

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  17. Absorption and Bioavailability of Glucosamine in the Rat

    by Ibrahim, Alyaa, EA

    Glucosamine (GlcN) is an amino monosaccharide that is widely used as a food supplement in the treatment of osteoarthritis...

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  18. Abstraction in Large Extensive Games

    by Waugh, Kevin

    For zero-sum games, we have efficient solution techniques. Unfortunately, there are interesting games that are too large...

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  19. AC Electrokinetic Manipulation of Colloids during Filtration

    by Molla, Shahnawaz Hossain

    The work presented in this dissertation provides a novel technique of manipulation of colloidal entities during membrane...

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  20. AC Frequency-based Cyclical Electrical Stimulation of Hydrogel Microactuators

    by Saunders, Joseph RC

    The continuing interest in Lab-on-a-Chip technologies and Point-of-Care diagnostics systems is driving the development of...

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