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2010 2nd Annual Celebration of Research and Innovation

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  1. Myosin-driven peroxisome partitioning in S. cerevisiae.

    by Fagarasanu, A.; Mast, F.D.; Knoblach, B.; Jin, Y.; Brunner, M.J.; Logan, M.R.; Glover, J.N.M.; Eitzen, G.A.; Atichison, J.D.; Weisman, L.S.; Rachubinski, R.A.

    In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the class V myosin motor Myo2p propels the movement of most organelles. We recently identified...

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  2. The peroxisomal protein importomer: a bunch of transients with expanding waistlines.

    by Mast, F.D.; Fagarasanu, A.; Rachubinski, R.A.

    Peroxisomes can import large multimeric protein complexes and even 9-nm gold particles decorated with peroxisome-targeting...

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  3. Review of Steve Bailey’s Athlete First: A History of the Paralympic Movement.

    by Peers, Danielle

    The article reviews the book "Athlete First: A History of the Paralympic Movement," by Steve Bailey.

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  4. Scale-eating cichlids: From hand(ed) to mouth.

    by Palmer, A.R.

    Two recent studies in BMC Biology and Evolution raise important questions about a textbook case of frequency-dependent selection...

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  5. Stepping into the Subjunctive World of the Fiction in Game, Film and Novel.

    by Mackey, Margaret

    The concept of the subjunctive mode provides a useful key in exploring narrative comprehension in different media. This article...

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