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  1. The Development of Idiom Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

    by Hebert, Mireille; Rajan, Farah

    This project is concerned with the development of idiom comprehension in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The...

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  2. Development of “The Cognition and Communication Home Workbook for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury”

    by Barnard, Kirsten; Dolan, Elene; Holte, Heather; Trussell, Stephanie

    “The Cognition and Communication Home Workbook for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury” was designed to target speech,...

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  3. Early grammatical acquisition in children adopted from China as infants/toddlers

    by Chan, Eve; Komar, Laurene

    Children adopted internationally have a special course of exposure to language as they abruptly switch from hearing the sounds...

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  4. Early Language Development in Children Adopted from Ethiopia

    by Nickel, Liane; Reimer, Ashley; Wu, Tong

    The number of children who are adopted internationally has been steadily increasing. However, there is a limited amount of...

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  5. Educational Resource for Head and Neck Cancer Patients

    by Christenson, Robyn; Rogers, Robyn; Shantz, Lauren; Zeleny, Karissa; Rieger, Jana

    The objective of this research project was to create an outline for an educational resource that could be used to create...

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  6. Effect of a Child-Controlled Robot on Mother’s Communicative Dominance during Play Interaction with a Child with Cerebral Palsy: a Case Study

    by Soriano, Adrielle; Yuen, Amanda

    Children who have severe physical disabilities often have great difficulty interacting and learning through play, and their...

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  7. The Effect of Context Priming and Task Type on Augmentative Communication Performance

    by Higginbotham, Jeffrey; Bisantz, Ann; Sunm, Michelle; Adams, Kimberley

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices are special purpose electronic devices that generate speech output...

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  9. The Effect of Short-term, Intensive, Aural (Re)habilitation Training on Measures of Functional Communication and Quality of Life in a Cochlear-implanted Adult with Pre-lingual Deafness

    by Dudych, Stephanie; Nikulak, Julianne; Varelas, Eleni; Wingert, Jennifer

    In Canada, the number of adults with pre-lingual hearing loss who receive a cochlear implant (CI) is growing; however, most...

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  10. The Effect of Static versus Animated Story Stimuli on Children’s Ability to tell Stories

    by Anderson, Sarah; DeBeyer, Michaela; Marcinkow, Alissa; Scheffers, Sarah; Servant, Tamaira; Willerton, Kristin

    Storytelling tasks are commonly used to assess language in a functional context. However, the quality of children's stories...

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  11. The Effect of Word Context on the Reading Ability of Individuals with Aphasia and Acquired Alexia

    by Stongman, Tracy; Sumner, Andrea

    Some individuals with acquired reading impairments (alexia) can read words in sentence contexts easier than in list format....

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  12. The effectiveness of a shortened training module on Motivational Interviewing skill acquisition

    by Ivanova, Nadia; Krolczyk, Ania

    Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a therapeutic technique that has been increasingly used in health care, and MI training...

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  13. The Effects of a Child-Controlled Robot on Maternal Conversational Dominance During Play: A Case Study

    by Sirard, Kathryn; Wainer, Amy

    Previous research has indicated parents of children with cerebral palsy and other complex communication difficulties exhibit...

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  14. The effects of Alberta Aphasia Camp on quality of life for people living with Aphasia

    by Bittman, Caitlin; Duncan, Alicia; Forest, Elissa; McAvoy, Rielle

    Background: In aphasia therapy, there has been a shift in focus from impairment-level intervention towards ones focusing...

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  15. The Effects of Language Intervention on Children’s Narrative Abilities

    by Baraniski, Tamara; Camlis, Whitney; Dopko, Carla; Lesy, Shay

    Narratives are an important part of language that is incorporated into our everyday lives. Not only do narratives predict...

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  16. The Effects of LSVT®LOUD (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) on the Speech Intelligibility of Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy and Children with Down Syndrome

    by Clifton, Alanah; King, April; Nicholson, Maureen; Walker, Laticia; Boliek, Carol

    The purpose of this study was to develop a pilot listening task designed to examine pre- and post-treatment intelligibility...

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  17. The Effects of LSVT®LOUD (Lee Silverman Voice Treatment) on the Speech Intelligibility of Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy and Children with Down Syndrome

    by Chan, Vicky; Chin, Chelsea; Kaytor, Danielle

    Purpose: This study examined the effects of the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT®LOUD) on the speech intelligibility of...

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  18. The Effects of Non-Invasive Ventilation Treatment on Airway Clearance and Swallowing in Individuals with ALS

    by Erickson, Dorie; Ketch, Rhonda; Moncks, Nadine; Ostertag, Amanda

    Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a motor neuron disease characterized by the degeneration of both upper and lower motor...

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  19. Effects of Positional Changes on Airway Clearance Behaviour of Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Healthy Age Matched Controls

    by Cust, Sarah; Thoresen-Semonick, Christina; Wunderlich, Lorielle

    Peak cough flow (PCF) is a measure of cough strength and capacity. According to American Thoracic Society (ATS) standards,...

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  20. EPL Resource Brochure for Adults with Neurological Communication Disorders

    by Beckett, Laura; Benetti, Sarah; Bruder, Ann; Garrett-Petts, Samantha; Pranjivan, Trisha; Weran, Pamela

    The Edmonton Public Library (EPL) is a community resource that offers a variety of materials, technology and services as...

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