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  1. AAC Device Design Elements That May Contribute to Use During Play

    by Shaw, Libby (Elizabeth)

    The following review aimed to discover what elements in AAC interface design best facilitate AAC use in play in order to...

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  2. Academic Skills of Children Adopted from China: School-age Follow-up

    by Fleming, Jennifer; Gerke, Jenessa; Pollock, Karen

    This study investigated the academic skills of 68 school-age children adopted from China as infants/toddlers.

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  3. Alternative Airway Clearance Techniques in Healthy Adults: A Normative Database

    by Kaskiw, Terra; Robinson, Dana; Simison, Sara

    Purpose To create a normative database of 160 participants across a variety of commonly used airway clearance behaviours...

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  4. Analysis and revision of an Edmonton Public Library materials pamphlet for adults with neurological communication disorders

    by Alain, Jill; De Leon, Michelle; Ostapowich, Desiree; Skriver, Crystal; Simioni, Andrea; Sutter, Kendra

    Adults with neurological communication disorders have the potential to benefit from the materials, technology, and services...

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  5. Behavioural Assessment of Language Processing using the Dual Route Model and Independence Equations

    by Halliwell, Nicole; Miller, Amanda; Spence, Stacy

    The independence equations employed by Castles et al. (2006) and McDougall et al. (2005), have been used to provide evidence...

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  6. The Brain Care Center’s Workbook for Individuals with Aphasia - Take Home Practice for Speech and Language

    by Blair, Olivia; Horricks, Desirae; Nowik, Andrea; Smith, Alaina

    This paper outlines the process involved in the development of a speech and language focused workbook that was created in...

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  7. Case Study of A Child Who Uses a Speech Generating Communication Device

    by Bailey, Meaghan; Reibeling, Kayla

    Speech generating communication devices (SGCD) help individuals with severe speech impairments meet the needs of daily communication....

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  8. Case Study of an Individual Who Uses Augmentative and Alternative Communication

    by Broome, Carin; Heck, Crystal; Maschio, Nicole

    Speech generating communication devices (SGCD) are speech aids that help individuals who have severe speech impairments meet...

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  9. Children's Expression of Emotional and Cognitive Mental States in their Story Generation from Pictures

    by Babar, Aseea; Baird, Shelby; Lang, Bretton; Ortlieb, Andrea

    Background: The term mental state can be used to describe a person’s emotional or cognitive condition (i.e. feelings, thoughts,...

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  10. Cognitive Assessment and Robot Skills of Children with Motor Impairments

    by Charlton, Sheila; Genuis, Sarah; Yungwirth, Shaelene

    Currently, cognitive function of children with motor impairment is difficult to assess because most cognitive assessment...

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  11. Comparison of Audiologic Results Obtained from Patients with No Hearing Aid, a Transcutaenous and a Percutaneous Bone Anchored Device

    by Ball, Adina; Wong, Kimberley

    The present study evaluates outcomes for individuals to determine how much better a patient’s hearing will be with a bone-anchored...

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  12. Conversations during mealtimes in long-term care: A case study of verbal and non-verbal communication in dementia

    by Mak, Karen; Pangalia, Jessica; Sellinger, Kelly; Wesner, Stephanie

    Individuals with dementia who live in long-term care facilities often lack opportunities for social interaction. Mealtimes...

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  13. Creating a Framework for the First Alberta Aphasia Camp: Literature Review, Interview Results, Logistical Research, and Insights from a Visit to the Aphasia Camp Northwest

    by Boden, Candice; Gould, Liam; Juvik, Emily

    This paper outlines the authors’ efforts in researching and laying the framework for the inaugural aphasia camp to be implemented...

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  14. Current Practices and Challenges Associated with Administering Capacity Assessments for Individuals with Aphasia: A Review of the Literature

    by West, Talia

    In this paper, I provide an overview of aphasia and the issue of capacity assessment, followed by a summary of the current...

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  15. Darkside of Collaboration - Part 3

    by Delamont, Jon

    Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is a practice that has clearly established links to improved patient outcomes. Yet...

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  16. The Darkside of Collaboration: A pilot study

    by Paterson, Kayla

    It is commonly believed that collaboration enhances quality of life for both practicing professionals and for their clients...

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  17. The Darkside of Collaboration: Part 2

    by Kapoor-Cardinal, Sharon

    Interprofessional collaboration is prevalent in the healthcare field. Both students and practitioners are expected to take...

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  18. Developing an Understanding of Stuttering in Student Speech-Language Pathologists: A Comparison of Two Learning Experiences

    by Dale, Alison; Evens, Jill; Pugh, Trina; Put, Tara; Smith, Kailey; Strangway, Saige

    Purpose: This qualitative study explored and compared students’ perceptions of pseudo-stuttering and the viewing of video-recordings...

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  19. Development of a Robotic Device for Facilitating Learning by Children who have Severe Disabilities

    by Cook, A.M.; Meng, M.Q.H.; Gu, J.J.; Howery, K.

    This paper presents technical aspects of a robot manipulator developed to facilitate learning by young children who are generally...

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  20. Development of An Interface for integration of communication and robotic play

    by Corrigan, M.; Adams, K.D.; Cook, A.M.

    Children with disabilities may have decreased ability to play, and thus less opportunity to acquire associated motor, cognitive,...

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