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  1. Apanteles female in cone

    by Wist, Tyler

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  2. Aphrocallistes vastus Trinity transcriptome

    by Sally Leys

    Sponges (Porifera) are among the earliest evolving metazoans. Their filter-feeding body plan based on choanocyte chambers...

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  3. Caloptilia fraxinella

    by Wist, Tyler

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  4. Chalcid on blotch mine

    by Wist, Tyler

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  5. A Common Pathway for O-Glycosylation and Capsular Polysaccharide Synthesis in Acinetobacter baumannii

    by Lees-Miller, Robert G.; Iwashkiw, Jeremy A.; Scott, Nichollas E.; Seper, Andrea; Vinogradov, Evgeny; Schild, Stefan; Feldman, Mario F.

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  6. Distinguishing sources of parasites on wild juvenile salmon

    by Peacock, Stephanie J.

    Ecological systems are complex. All too often, complex models are fit to ecological data without consideration of whether...

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  9. Electronic Supplementary Material: Can reduced predation offset negative effects of sea louse parasites on chum salmon?

    by Stephanie Peacock

    The .zip file contains R code and data that accompanies the paper "Can reduced predation offset negative effects of sea louse...

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  11. Engineering nitrogen use efficiency with alanine aminotransferase.

    by Good, A.G.; Johnson, S.J.; DePauw, M.; Carroll, R.T.; Savidov, N.; Vidmar, J.J.; Lu, Z.; Taylor, G.T.; Stroeher,V.

    Nitrogen (N) is the most important factor limiting crop productivity worldwide. The ability of plants to acquire N from applied...

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  13. Fish farms, parasites, and predators: implications for salmon population dynamics

    by Krkosek, Martin; Connors, Brendan; Ford, Helen; Peacock, Stephanie; Mages, Paul; Ford, Jennifer S.; Morton, Alexandra; Volpe, John P.; Hilborn, Ray; Dill, Lawrence M.; Lewis, Mark A.

    For some salmon populations, the individual and population effects of sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) transmission from...

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  14. Frankliniella occidentalis and Hercinothrips femoralis embryogenesis laboratory notes

    by Rajput S

    Summary notes for western flower thrips and banded greenhouse thrips embryogenesis in support of published visual data (i.e....

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  15. Frankliniella occidentalis oviposition video

    by Rajput, S.

    Frankliniella occidentalis probing and oviposition video. Ventral view of an adult female thrips ovipositing an egg into...

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  16. Insights into temperature adaptation in the Thermotogae gained through transcriptomics and comparative genomics - Appendices

    by Pollo, Stephen M. J.

    These are appendices C - G for the University of Alberta M.Sc. thesis: Pollo, Stephen M. J. 2014. Insights into temperature...

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  17. Is the ID debate proof of an intelligent deceiver?

    by Palmer, A.R.

    Letter to the editor.

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  18. Is too much data making you crazy? Learn how building a Data Management Plan can help you

    by Reimer, Jody; Thayer, Donette; Kneteman, Jeffery; Welsh, Patrick

    PowerPoint Presentation from University of Alberta Libraries' Open Access Week session by graduate students of Biology 560:...

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  19. Nine years of sea lice and pink salmon population dynamics in the Broughton Archipelago

    by Stephanie J. Peacock

    The abundance of sea lice on farmed salmon and wild juvenile salmon in the Broughton Archipelago has fluctuated significantly...

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  20. On the Firm Foundation of Curiousity : The Early History of Biology at the University of Alberta

    by Acorn, John

    History of the University of Alberta Department of Biological Sciences.

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