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Maria Tan

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Research Innovation & Analytics: Knowledge Management Department, Alberta Health Services,

Maria Tan

Cross Cancer Institute Library, Alberta Health Services

  • Librarian, Knowledge Resource Service

  • Cancer Care
  • Health Promotion Studies
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Other areas of interest: Healthy aging, health information literacy, credibility assessment of online health information

  • 2015 Canadian Health Libraries AssociationEmerging Leader Award/ Prix du flambeau de la relève de l'Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada
  • 2011 Student Award, Pacific Northwest Chapter - Medical Library Association
  • 2010 Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship (Master's)
  • 2010 MLA Scholarship for Minority Students
  • 2010 Alberta Association on Gerontology Edmonton Chapter Student Award

Subject areas and related deposits

  • Children's Health Fiction

    • Selective Collection of Children’s Health Fiction 2011 - 2014

      This collection was selected for inclusion in a children's health collection, such as a hospital library or public library and designed for use by children from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6. Materials were selected based on date of publication and their potential to be helpful to children who are coping with health issues, themselves, or in loved ones. "Health" has been interpreted broadly to include physical, psychological and psychosocial issues.

  • Children's Health Fiction - Selection

    • Selecting Fiction Books for a Children's Health Collection

      Books have long been recognized resources for health literacy and healing (Fosson & Husband, 1984). Individuals with health conditions or disabilities or who are dealing with illness, disability or death among friends or loved ones, can find solace and affirmation in fictional works that depict characters coping with similar health conditions. This study asked the question “If we were to select a new collection of children’s health-related fiction in mid-2014, which books would we select and what selection criteria would we apply?” The results of this study are a set of criteria for the selection of current English language literary works with health-related content for the pre-kindergarten to Grade 6 (age 12) audience, a collection of books that are readily available to Canadian libraries - selected against these criteria, a special issue of the Deakin Review of Children’s Literature - dedicated to juvenile health fiction, and book exhibits in two libraries to accompany the Deakin Review issue.

  • Exercise for older people--Psychological aspects

  • Health Fiction - Juvenile

  • Health literacy

  • Information literacy

    • Instruction for Information Literacy in Canadian Academic Libraries: A Longitudinal Analysis of Aims, Methods, and Success

      The study reports a survey of information literacy instruction practices in Canadian academic libraries. Results indicate that formal instruction is offered by 89% of respondents, a minority of which articulate formal instructional objectives or work in libraries with full-time instructional librarians. Evaluation is mostly informal. Teaching students to find information is the highest priority of instruction, and database instruction is given the strongest focus. Changes in IT continue to influence instructional content and delivery. Instructional work receives less support than previously, and complex relationships with teaching faculty continue to challenge librarian instructors. Trends are consistent with national surveys conducted globally.

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  • Medical librarians

  • Mobile devices