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Elaine Maloney

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CCI is the primary interdisciplinary unit of the VP Research Office that promotes and supports northern and polar research at the University of Alberta, serving faculty, students, residents of circumpolar regions, government, industry and the general public.

Elaine Maloney

Canadian Circumpolar Institute (CCI)

Elaine L. Maloney
Executive Assistant to the Director
and Managing Editor, CCI Press
Canadian Circumpolar Institute
University of Alberta
1-36 Pembina Hall
Tel.: (780) 492-4999
Fax.: (780) 492-1153

  • Executive Assistant to the Director
  • Research Grants Administrator
  • Managing Editor, CCI Press
  • UAI Liaison for North2North

Subject areas and related deposits

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

    • The Role of Science in Environmental Impact Assessment: Workshop Proceedings

      Proceedings of a Workshop sponsored by the Canadian Circumpolar Institute (CCI) at the University of Alberta in 1992. The presentations and discussions focused on issues pertaining to the use of science in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), including past and present problems and recommendations for improvements, in response to changes since the early 1990s in the Canadian EIA process,

  • Magadan

    • Brochure-Magadan Exhibit-Oct 2010-reCCI50th

      This exhibition was part of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. The curators are Professor Lawrence Khlinovski Rockhill, a visiting scholar at the CCI and Dr. Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill, Principal Investigator for the international project "Moved by the State: Perspectives on Relocation and Resettlement in the Circumpolar North," based at the CCI and the Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta. Pavel Zhdanov and Andrey Osipov, two well-known Magadan photographers, spend a great deal of their time travelling around the Magadan Region and documenting the life of the region throughout the various seasons, from boiling summer temperatures to the freezing cold of winter, about which Alberta residents know only too well. They photograph the lives of gold miners and fishermen,of the remnants--both human and material--of the Madadan GULAG history, of post-Soviet ghost towns and happier occasions of weddings and community celebrati ons. All these find their outlet in publications of books, photo-albums, and photo-exhibits, both locally and outside Magadan.This was their first exhibition abroad.

  • Polar Impact

    • Polar Impact Exhibit-MAC & CCI 5 Oct- 20 Nov 2010- U of Alberta Gallery A, Telus Centre

      Polar Impact was an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute. It looks at the changes in the polar and sub-polar regions of the world and it highlights aspects of some of the research carried out by University of Alberta faculty in these unique and sensitive environments. Artifacts, specimens, and museum objects that are part of the University of Alberta Museums' Collections are part of the exhibition.