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Christina Hwang

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Instruction Librarian | Biological Sciences Liaison | Renewable Resources Liaison

Christina Hwang

University of Alberta Libraries

1-56 Cameron Library | CW312 Biological Sciences Building
University of Alberta

  • Instruction Librarian
  • Biological Sciences Liaison
  • Renewable Resources Liaison

Subject areas and related deposits

  • Altmetrics

  • Mobile ars, clickers, classroom, student engagement, information literacy

  • Mobile learning, U of A Pharmacy students

    • Exploration of Pharmacy Student Use of Mobile Technologies

      All undergraduate Pharmacy students at the University of Alberta participated in a survey study that investigated students’ ownership and use of mobile technologies, as well as students’ willingness to use personal mobile devices during interactive classroom activities. This poster presents a snapshot of the results.

  • Mobile response systems

    • Engaging the Hopelessly Distracted: Using Mobile ARS in the Classroom

      Engaging students in the classroom is a challenge, but more so with the proliferation of technology, such as cell phones and laptops, that have served to distract students. In an effort to capture students’ attention in the classroom, many instructors have opted to use clicker technology. Mobile Audience Response Systems (ARS) are an alternative to clicker technology, where students repurpose and utilize their own cell phones, tablets, and laptops as their clicker device. Poll Everywhere is a popular ARS that is being used in corporate and academic learning contexts. Using Poll Everywhere creates an immediate active learning forum that increases interactivity and student participation, while providing instructors with instant feedback to make informed decisions. A panel of three librarians will share their experience utilizing mobile ARS at the University of Alberta and will provide an overview of its growing application in North America.

  • Plagiarism