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Ali Shiri

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Ali Shiri

School of Library and Information Studies

  • Associate Professor

  • Digital libraries
  • Information search behaviour
  • Knowledge organization systems
  • Search user interfaces
  • Social tagging

Subject areas and related deposits

  • Academic librarians

    • Assessment of the Research Learning Needs of University of Saskatchewan Librarians: A Case Study

      As academic librarians with faculty status increasingly embrace research engagement as a core value and requirement, one of the little studied questions is the extent to which they possess the requisite knowledge and skills to conduct high quality research and scholarship, and what further learning needs they might have within the organizational setting. This paper summarizes an institutional case study of the research knowledge of academic librarians employed at the University of Saskatchewan, encompassing their current research interests, experiences, competencies, environmental context, and learning needs. The goal was to develop a framework for additional educational activities and institutional supports that would enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Search user interfaces

    • Powering Search: The Role of Thesauri in New Information Environments

      This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the role of thesauri in search user interfaces across a range of information search and retrieval systems—from bibliographic and full-text databases to digital libraries, portals, open archives, and content management systems. It explores various projects, practices, perspectives, and services from disparate communities, and—drawing on an array of successful applications, usability studies, current research, and firsthand experience—offers practical guidance on using thesauri to build better search engines.