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  • Ashraf Abdu

    Biological Sciences - Microbiology & Biotechnology

    Expertise: Bacteriophage , Burkholderia cenocepacia

  • Ahlam Abdulnabi

    Civil and Environmental Engineering

    BSc. MEng. PhD Student

  • John Acorn

    Renewable Resources

    Faculty Service Officer

    Expertise: Biodiversity Studies , Communication

  • Nicole Acosta

    Biological Sciences - Raivio Lab

    M.Sc. Biological Sciences - Microbiology

  • Hanan Ahmed

    Internal Medicine


    Expertise: Internal Medicine

  • Ghazi Alotaibi

    Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular research center (CVRS)

    Expertise: Meta-analysis, Health outcome research, Analysis of large databases.

  • Mirey Alvarez Camacho

    Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Sciences

    Doctoral Student

    Expertise: Taste and smell perception in H&N cancer

  • Israel Amirav



    Expertise: Asthma, Aerosols, PCD

  • Susan Andrew

    Medical Genetics

    Associate Professor

    Expertise: medical genetics , cancer genetics , DNA mismatch repair , MD program accreditation

  • William Anselmi

    Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies


    Expertise: 20th Century Italian experimental poetry , Italian Canadian culture and literature , Cinema and television in and outside of Italy , Cyborgs, aliens, and utopia , Posthumanism and the body , Environments of technological communication and representation , Poetics and narratives of displacement/migration in and outside of Italy

  • Afshin Arefi

    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Glen Armstrong

    Renewable Resources

    Associate Professor , Associate Chair (Graduate Programs)

    Expertise: Forest Management , Forest Economics , Operations Research

  • Ali Assi

    School of Public Health

    MD (2013) , Masters of Public Health - Global Health (2015)

  • Wendy Austin

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Canada Research Chair in Relational Ethics in Health Care

  • Samir Barghout

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Expertise: Chemoresistance of ovarian cancer via Wnt signalling pathway

  • Jaimie Baron

    English and Film Studies

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Film, media and critical theory phenomenology , historiography , documentary film and video , experimental film and video , remix , digital media , animation , gender studies , transnational cinema

  • Sylvia Barton

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Global Health , Director, PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Mental Health

  • Sanjay Beesoon

    Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

    Expertise: Public Health , Epidemiology , Toxicology , Environmental and Occupational Health , Public Health Policy

  • Rowshon Begam

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Expertise: Molecular biology, physiology and nitrogen metabolism in plants

  • Danièle Behn Smith

    Department of Family Medicine November 2008 to May 2011

    Director for Indigenous Health Education within the Indigenous Health Initiatives Program (until May 2011)

    Expertise: Indigenous health , Indigenous health education

  • Rene Belland

    Renewable Resources

    Faculty Service Officer

    Expertise: Bryophyte distribution and ecology , Endangered plants

  • Ana Paula Belon

    School of Public Health - Place Lab


    Expertise: Built environment , Health behaviors , Social inequalities in health , Healthy life expectancy

  • Tanya Berry

    Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

    Associate Professor , Canada Research Chair in Physical Activity Promotion (2010 - 2015) , Population Health Investigator, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions (2006-2013)

  • mark bieber

    School of Public Health

  • Peter Blenis

    Renewable Resources

    Professor Emeritus

    Expertise: Forest pathology

  • Adriana Boffa

    Department of Secondary Education

  • Troy Bornes

    Department of Surgery

    Orthopedic Surgery Resident

  • Pamela Brett-MacLean

    Department of Psychiatry

    Director, Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine Program , Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry

    Expertise: Medical Humanities , Interdisciplinary Research , Medical Education Research , Medical & Health Profession Education

  • Laura Briggs

    University of Alberta Libraries until 2010

    Collections Librarian until 2010 Science and Technology Library

    Expertise: Chemical information searching , Collection development in the sciences, arts & humanities, and technology , Online course design and the use of learning technologies

  • Tania Bubela

    School of Public Health

    Associate Dean for Research

    Expertise: bioethics , biotechnology law , health law and policy , intellectual property , knowledge transfer , technology transfer commercialization

  • Susan Burwash

    Occupational Therapy

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Mental Health Practice , Creative/Expressive Media in OT Practice

  • Vera Caine

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

  • Brenda Cameron

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Sandy Campbell

    John W. Scott Health Sciences Library

    Expertise: Systematic Review Searching , Patent Searching , Health Research Data , Information Literacy Instruction , University of the Arctic Library , Arctic Health Information , Mountain Parks Repeat Photography

  • Christine Ceci

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

  • Thane Chambers

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Research Librarian, Faculty of Nursing

  • Liza Chan

    University of Alberta Libraries

    AIHS Research Librarian

  • Sable Chan

    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology

  • David Chanasyk

    Renewable Resources

    Professor Emeritus

    Expertise: Hydrology , Applied soil physics , Reclamation , Water quality

  • Scott Chang

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Forest soils , Nutrient dynamics

  • Trish Chatterley

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Public Services Librarian, John W. Scott Health Sciences Library

  • Susan Chaudoir

    Faculty of Education

    PhD (2014)

    Expertise: Teaching with writing in postsecondary education , College student development , Academic writing , Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

  • Jean Chaw-Kant


    Expertise: Nursing , HIV , Qualitative , Manuscript Editor

  • Darren Chiu

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Dagmara Chojecki

    John W Scott Health Sciences Library

  • Louis Chor

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Retired East Asia Librarian, UAL (June 30 2014)

    Expertise: Library Services, Cataloguing of East Asian (a.k.a. CJK) library resources, et cetera

  • Susan Christian

    Department of Medical Genetics

    PhD Student

    Expertise: Cardiogenetics

  • Brian Chwyl

    Radiation Therapy Program, Department of Oncology

    Faculty Service Officer

    Expertise: Radiation Therapy , Simulation Education , Impact of Research

  • Alex Clark

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Associate Dean (Research)

  • Amy Colquhoun

    School of Public Health

    PhD Candidate

  • Dawn Comeau

    Fort Saskatchewan Historic Resources Advisory Board / Independent

  • Philip Comeau

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Silviculture and stand dynamics

  • Sherrill Conroy

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • David J. Cooper

    Department of Accounting & MIS

    CGA Professor of Accountancy

    Expertise: globalization and management of professional service firms (notably accounting and law) , institutional theory , theories of cultural globalization international accounting regulation ideology of self regulation , governance of professional bodies professional ethics , construction of demand for accounting and assurance services , theories of professions and regulation , technologies of New Public Management (strategic planning and performance measurement systems) in government , social constructivism , sociology of translation

  • Amy Couperthwaite

    Alberta Control for Injury Control and Research

  • Lisa Cranley

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Greta Cummings

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Lesley Dacks

    School of Public Health

    Project Manager

  • Nicole Dalmer

    School of Library and Information Studies

    Expertise: Information seeking behaviours of informal caregivers , Older adult online health information

  • Debra Davidson

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Natural resource politics and governance , Social dimensions of global environmental change , Environmental risk , State theory , Rural sociology

  • Sandra Davidson

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Liz Dennett

    UA Libraries

    Public Services Librarian , IHE Information Specialist

  • Amanda Dennis

    School of Public Health

  • Michael Deyholos

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Expertise: Plant Biotechnology , Genetics , Molecular Biology , Genomics

  • Shweta Dhawan

    Public Health Sciences

    Master of Public Health candidate specializing in Epidemiology (University of Alberta)

  • Armela Dicu

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Marlene Dorgan

    John W. Scott Health Sciences Library

    Head Librarian, Health Sciences Libraries

  • Jane Drummond

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Vice Provost (Health Sciences Council)

  • Wendy Duggleby

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Vice Dean (Acting) , Endowed Nursing Research Chair in Aging and Quality of Life

    Expertise: Aging , Quality of Life

  • Miles Dyck

    Renewable Resources

    Asst Professor

    Expertise: Transport processes , Transport of mass and energy in managed and reconstructed ecosystems

  • Karen Edwards

    Aboriginal and Global Health

    Research Coordinator , DSc Candidate

  • Lainna El Jabi

    Faculty of Arts Research Facilitation Office

  • Mohamed Elsanabary

    Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    Ph.D. , Post Doctoral Fellow , PEng (APEGA) , MASCE , Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Nile River Basin , Upper Blue Nile Basin , Ethiopian Rainfall , Drought , Precipitation Variability , Teleconnection , Sea Surface Temperature data

  • Nadir Erbilgin

    Renewable Resources

    Associate Professor , Canada Research Chair

    Expertise: Forest entomology , Chemical ecology

  • Carole Estabrooks

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor and Canada Research Chair in Knowledge Translation

  • Mim Fatmi

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Expertise: Systematic Review

  • Susan Fawcett

    Radiation Therapy Program

  • Debbie Feisst

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Public Services Librarian

  • Danilo Fernandez Rios

    Departamento de Biotecnología


    Expertise: Biotechnology and Biosafety , Plant Biotechnology , Plant Genetics

  • Mike Flannigan

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Wildland Fire

  • Test Fon


    ERA Administrator

    Expertise: Digital repositories

  • August Foote

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , Director, Devonian Botanic Gardens

    Expertise: Wetland ecology and management

  • Allison Foran

    Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Dorothy Forbes


    Associate Professor

    Expertise: Dementia care , Systematic reviews

  • Eric Forcier

    Humanities Computing / School of Library and Information Studies

    Expertise: Research interests include: , social media , knowledge management , video game studies , literary representations of the robot

  • Sarah Forgie


  • Kim Frail

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Public Services Librarian

  • Kimberly Fraser

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • William Gabriel

    computer science

  • Janis Geary

    School of Public Health, CANHelp Working Group

    PhD Candidate , Research Agreements Lead

  • Richdeep Gill


    Surgical Resident , PhD Candidate

    Expertise: General Surgery , Neonatal Resuscitation

  • Judy Gnarpe

    Medical Microbiology & Immunology

    DrMedSci , RM(CCM) , PG DipMedEd

    Expertise: Chlamydia pneumoniae , Clinical Microbiology , Game Learning

  • Allen Good

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Professor, Biological Sciences

  • Karen Goodman

    Canadian North Helicobacter pylori (CANHelp) Working Group, Centre of Excellence for Gastrointestinal Inflammation & Immunity Research


    Expertise: Epidemiology , Community-based research , Helicobacter pylori infection , Stomach cancer , Circumpolar health research

  • Gordon Gow

    Communications and Technology Graduate Program

    Associate Professor

    Expertise: social impact of digital communications , mobile communications , communication for social change

  • Simon Grange

    Rehabilitation Robotics Sandbox

    Expertise: Shoulder surgery , Strategic Computer Modelling in Healthcare , Orthopaedic Informatics

  • Robert Grant

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Ecosystem modeling

  • Kyle Griep

    Materials Engineering

  • Jody Groenendyk


    Research Associate

    Expertise: Mouse embryonic stem cells , ER stress , siRNA library screening , Biacore - protein interactions , Wnt signaling

  • Uwe Hacke

    Renewable Resources

    Associate Professor , Canada Research Chair

    Expertise: Functional Plant Biology

  • Cian Hackett

    Medicine & Dentistry

    Expertise: Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (PRTR)

  • Andreas Hamann

    Renewable Resources

    Associate Professor (Forest Genetics and Global Change Biology) , Associate Chair (Research/Programs)

    Expertise: Forest Genetics , Global Change Biology

  • Geoffrey Harder


    Associate University Librarian, Acting , Digital Initiatives Coordinator

    Expertise: Digital Libraries , Digitization , Data Curation , Digital Preservation , Web Archiving , Research Libraries , Project Management

  • Lisa Hartling

    Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence (ARCHE)

  • Mike Haska

    Master of Arts in Communications and Technology

  • Naotaka Hayashi

    Department of Anthropology

    Obtained my PhD in 2013 , Assistant professor at the University of Calgary

  • Fangliang He

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , Canada Research Chair

    Expertise: Biodiversity , Landscape modeling

  • Kathleen Hegadoren

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Canada Research Chair in Stress-related Disorders in Women

    Expertise: Women and stress disorders , Gender differences in psychiatric treatment response , Role of stress and stress hormones in etiology of mood and anxiety disorders , Childhood interpersonal trauma and adaptation , Posttraumatic stress syndromes , Impact of violence experiences on women’s health , Perinatal mental health

  • Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez

    Renewable Resources

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Soil Science

  • Noriko Hessmann

    Speech Pathology & Audiology

  • Gina Higginbottom

    Ethnicity and Health Collaborative Research Program

    Associate Professor , Canada Research Chair

    Expertise: - 20 years clinical experience , - Nurse , - Midwife , - Health visitor , - Affiliated Associate Professor of Nursing at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden , - Visiting Professor at Sheffield Hallam University , - Assistant Editor of Ethnicity and Health journal , - Chair/co-Chair of the 2008-2010th IIQM Advances in Qualitative Methods conference in Vancouver , - Member of the ICCHNR International Executive group

  • David Hik

    Biological Sciences

    Professor and Canada Research Chair in Northern Ecology

    Expertise: Research emphasizes plant-herbivore-climate interactions in northern alpine and tundra ecosystems.

  • Megan Hodge

    Speech Pathology & Audiology

    Professor Emerita

    Expertise: speech intelligibility , speech science , speech acoustics , speech outcome measures knowledge translation re: best practice for childhood motor speech disorders

  • WenJuan Huang

    Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Nano Techology

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Expertise: DFT , QM/MM , MD , MM/PBSA

  • Holly Huber

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Division of Community Engagement-Integrated Community Clerkship

    Learning Specialist

    Expertise: Distance Learning, Curriculum Development,

  • Kathleen Hunter

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor , Nurse Practitioner Specialized Geriatric Services Glenrose Hospital , Assistant Adjunct Professor Faculty of Medicine/Division of Geriatric Medicine

  • Christina Hwang

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Instruction Librarian , Biological Sciences Liaison , Renewable Resources Liaison

  • Liz Ingram

    Department of Art and Design

    Professor, printmaking and drawing/ intermedia

  • Zahidul Islam

    Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

    Surface Water Policy Specialist (Hydrologist)

    Expertise: Hydrology , Water Resources Management , Climate Change , Climate Variability

  • Sandra Jack-Malik

    Frontier School DIvision

  • Fakhreddin Jamali

    Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Fred Janke

    Department of Family Medicine

    Director of Rural Programs, Family Medicine

    Expertise: Family Medicine , Rural Medicine , Complimentary medicine (hypnotherapy)

  • Rahim Janmohamed

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • C Jeethan

    School of Library and Information Studies

    Graduate Student

    Expertise: BSc - Biological Sciences Major

  • Louise Jensen

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Steven Jim

    Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) Laboratory

  • Brettany Johnson

    Centre for Health Evidence, Department of Educational Policy Studies

    Information Specialist , Doctoral Student

  • Mohammed Jomah

    Department of Surgery, University of Alberta

    MBBS , MSc

    Expertise: Critical appraisal of the literature , Evidence based medicine , Systematic review of the literature , Animal microvascular & microscopic surgery , Laryngeal paralysis research , Neurophysiology: laryngeal electromyography , Gene therapy

  • David Jones

    Reseach & Special Collection Services

    Map Librarian

    Expertise: Maps

  • Kelvin Jones

    Centre for Neuroscience, Physical Education and Recreation

    Associate Professor

  • Gary Kachanoski

    Renewable Resources

    Adjunct Professor

    Expertise: Soil physics

  • Hayrapet Kalashyan

    3D Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound group

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Expertise: Neurology

  • Mehri Karimi-dehkordi

    Faculty of Nursing

    Doctoral Student

  • Atsushi Kawaguchi

    School of Pubic Health, Department of Pediatrics

    PhD Student

    Expertise: Epidemiology, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine

  • Sina Kazemi

    Biological Sciences - Microbiology

  • Kacey Keyko

    Faculty of Nursing

    Graduate Student

  • Jane King

    Renewable Resources

    Professor Emeritus

    Expertise: Physiology of forage crops

  • Dawn Kingston

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Janeva Kircher

    Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Manal Kleib

    Faculty of Nursing

    Faculty Lecturer , MSN, MBA, PhD

    Expertise: Health Informatics , Nursing Informatics

  • Loren Kline

    Medicine & Dentistry

    Professor (Dentistry) , Adjunct Professor (Physiology) , Co-Chair (Medical Sciences Library Committee)

  • Bob Koch

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

    Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Denise Koufogiannakis

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Collections and Acquisitions Coordinator

    Expertise: electronic collections , acquisitions , evidence based practice , scholarly communication , knowlege transfer

  • Michael Kouritzin

    Probability, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Janice Kung

    John W. Scott Health Sciences Library

    Academic Librarian Intern

  • Diane Kunyk

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor , Adjunct Assistant Professor, John Dossetor Health Ethics Centre

  • Kaysi Kushner

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor , Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

  • Clair Kuykendall Birkman

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Denis Lacroix

    Humanities and Social Sciences Library

    Romance Languages Librarian , Film Studies Librarian

    Expertise: - Romanic library collections , - Information Literacy , - Citation Analysis

  • Simon Landhäusser

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , NSERC Industrial Chair

    Expertise: Forest land reclamation , Applied forest ecology

  • Carlos Lange

    Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Nicole Lartey

    School of Public Health

  • Geraldine Lasiuk

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor , SEARCH Canada Faculty

  • Sarah Lee


    MSc Student

  • Robert Lees-Miller

    Biological Sciences

    Master's Candidate

    Expertise: Initiator Glycosyltransferases , Capsular Polysaccharide , Protein Glycosylation

  • Sylvie Leung

    Faculty of Nursing

  • Mark Lewis

    Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences/Biological Sciences - Lewis Research Group

    Senior Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Biology

  • Victor Lieffers

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , Department Chair

    Expertise: Silviculture , Forest ecology

  • Raimar Löbenberg

    Division of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Division

    Expertise: Colloidal drug delivery systems and predicting oral absorption using IVIVC. , Dissolution method development , Oral absorption , Computer simulations using the ACAT model , Controlled release , Dosage form performance tests , In vitro/in vivo correlations , Biopharmaceutics Drug Classification System , Dosage from development , Quality by Design , Formulation work , Nanoparticles as drug carriers , Development of colloidal drug targeting vectors , Inhalable nanoparticles for pulmonary drug delivery , Thermal conductivity , Microcalorimetry , Medical Marijuana , Cannabinoid dosage forms , Semisolid drug delivery

  • Nancy C. Lovell


    Professor Emerita

    Expertise: Bioarchaeology , Paleopathology , Mortuary Archaeology , Historic Cemeteries

  • Gail Low

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

  • Zhenzhen Lu

    Department of Chemistry

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Expertise: Polymer synthesis , Surface science , Self Assembly Techniques

  • Megan Lukasewich

    School of Public Health

  • Yan Luo

    Department of Earth Sciences

    Laser ablation Specialist , Adjunct professor at University of New Brunswick

    Expertise: Laser ablation ICP-MS micro-trace analysis

  • Sean Luyk

    Rutherford Humanities & Social Sciences Library

    Music Librarian

  • S. Ellen Macdonald

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , Associate Dean/Research

    Expertise: Forest ecology , Plant biodiversity

  • M. Derek MacKenzie

    Renewable Resources

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Soil-plant relations

  • Margaret Mackey

    School of Library and Information Studies (Secondment to Dept. of Secondary Education 2009-2010)

    Professor - School of Library and Information Studies

    Expertise: Reading, media and computers , Literacy , Children's and Young Adult Literature , Commodities and merchandising in children's literature

  • Geoffrey Maina

    Nursing: HIV

  • René Malenfant

    Biological Sciences

    Ph.D. Candidate

  • Elaine Maloney

    Canadian Circumpolar Institute (CCI)

    Executive Assistant to the Director , Research Grants Administrator , Managing Editor, CCI Press , UAI Liaison for North2North

  • Trish Manns

    Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Associate Professor

    Expertise: Neurological Physical Therapy

  • Fred Mast

    Department of Cell Biology

    Ph.D. candidate

    Expertise: Molecular mechanisms that direct the formation of peroxisomes from the ER and govern peroxisomal inheritance from mother cell to daughter cells , Application of advanced imaging techniques and procedures to the study of living cellular phenomena , Systems biology and bioinformatic approaches to studying peroxisome biogenesis

  • Jennifer Ann McGetrick

    School of Public Health


    Expertise: Public Health

  • Joanne McNeal

    Department of Elementary Education

    Sessional Instructor, Art in Education

  • Ayesha Mian

    University of Alberta

  • Misha Miazga-Rodriguez

    Department of Biological Sciences, Microbiology and Biotechnology


    Expertise: Development of applications utilizing methane oxidizing bacteria and ammonia oxidizing bacteria for industry and the analysis of microbial communities

  • Evelyn Micelotta

    Strategic Management and Organization

  • Sule Mohammed

    Digging into internal medicine

    Internal medicine

    Expertise: Biological sciences

  • Anita Molzahn

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor and Dean

  • Sally-Ann Mowat

    Copyright and Licensing Office

    Copyright Assistant

  • Ghulam Mustafa

    Electrical & Computer Engineering - Control Systems

  • Florence Myrick

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Associate Dean, Teaching

  • M. Anne Naeth

    Renewable Resources

    Professor (Land Reclamation and Restoration Ecology) , Associate Chair (Land Reclamation and Agriculture)

    Expertise: Land Reclamation , Restoration Ecology

  • gaurav nagar

    Neonatal Intensive Care


    Expertise: NICU

  • Orysia Nakonechny

    Faculty of Nursing

  • Mohamed Nasr

    Department of Biological Sciences

  • Tania Nasreen

    Department of Biological Sciences (Microbiology and Biotechnology)

    Ph.D Student,

    Expertise: Microbiology , Molecular biology

  • Neil Neary

    Centre for Health Promotion Studies

    Expertise: Health Promotion , Population Health

  • Cody Nelson

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

    Expertise: B.Sc. - Physiology and Developmental Biology

  • Deliwe Ngwezi


    Graduate Student

  • Scott Nielsen

    Renewable Resources

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Conservation biology

  • Taylor Nikel

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Colleen Norris

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Candace Nykiforuk

    Associate Professor

    Principal Investigator, PLACE Lab

  • Beverly O'Brien

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Daniel O'Brien

    Department of Pediatrics

    Expertise: Environmental Justice

  • Linda Ogilvie

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Tami Oliphant

    School of Library and Information Studies

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: information practices , publishing and media industries , user services

  • Joanne Olson

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Karin Olson

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Fabini Orata

    Department of Biological Sciences

  • Anna Oswald

    Division of Rheumatology/Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

    Assistant Professor of Medicine

    Expertise: Musculoskeletal System , Medical Education

  • Michelina Pagliuso

    School of Library and Information Studies

    Expertise: Undergraduate degree in English

  • Richard Palmer

    Department of Biological Sciences


    Expertise: Developmental plasticity in starfish tube feet , Effect of hydrodynamics on barnacle mating success , Handed behavior and induced asymmetry in crab claws , Handed knotting behavior in hagfish , Learning and induced morphological defense in intertidal snails , Developmental plasticity in feeding limbs of barnacles and porcelain crabs , Development and evolution of conspicuous biological asymmetries in many taxa, including experimental studies of larval caddisflies and young Cancer crabs

  • Mariana Paredes

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Expertise: Digital Humanities , Metadata

  • Belinda Parke

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Pauline Paul

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

  • Stephanie Peacock

    Biological Sciences - Ecology

    Expertise: Mathematical biology , Host-parasite ecology , Pacific salmon

  • Danielle Peers

    Faculty of Physical Education & Recreation

    Master's Student, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

    Expertise: supercrips , "reverse" integration , policing & crossing the able/disabled divide , Queer/Crip theory & practice , Paralympic power relations

  • Rick Pelletier

    Renewable Resources

    Faculty Service Officer

    Expertise: Spatial information systems , GIS , Remote sensing

  • Hongwei Judy Peng

    Department of Family Medicine

    Assistant Professor , Division of Care of the Elderly , Department of Family Medicine

    Expertise: Care of the elderly , Dementia , Health literacy , Chronic pain management , Clinical trials in dementia

  • Danielle Peters

    Microbiology and Biotechnology

    PhD student

    Expertise: Bacteriophage titration/isolation , DNA/RNA extraction , Electrophoresis , Plasmid preparation and analysis , ELISA , Aseptic technique , PCR , Bacterial transformations , Bacterial conjugation and mapping , Flash column chromatography

  • Andrea Pflug

    School of Library and Information Studies

  • Nicole Pitre

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Mark Poesch (Poos)

    Renewable Resources

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Conservation Ecology

  • Sarah Polkinghorne

    Rutherford Library

    Librarian for Art & Design, Drama, and Psychology

  • Stephen Pollo

    Microbiology and Biotechnology

  • Pharuhad Pongmee


    Expertise: neonatology

  • Joanne Profetto-McGrath

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor and Dean (Acting)

  • Liping Qi

    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

    Post-doc Fellow

    Expertise: Muscle physiology

  • Sylvie Quideau

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Soil biogeochemistry

  • Sunil Rajput

    Chemistry / McDermott Research Group

    Industrial Research Scientist (II): Alberta Innovates Technology Futures , Doctoral student: U of A (Chemistry, Analytical)

    Expertise: Applied microbiology , Bio-assembled nanostructures , Bioanalytical chemistry , Invertebrate pathology , Entomology , Strategic project management

  • Lynne Ray

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

  • Dorit Redlich-Amirav

    Rehabilitation Medicine

  • Brenda Reid

    School of Public Health Enviro Health

  • Jody Reimer

    Mark Lewis Research Group

    Expertise: Applied Mathematics , Mathematical ecology

  • Solina Richter

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate professor

  • Annette Rivard

    Occupational Therapy

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Professional Development , Professional Identity , Professional Commitment , Student Evaluation , Occupation and Well-being

  • Kendall Roark

    University of Alberta Libraries

    CLIR/DLF Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation

  • Zac Robinson

    Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Alpine history and culture

  • Geoffrey Rockwell

    Humanities Computing

  • Carolyn Ross

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor , Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs

  • Shelley Ross

    Family Medicine

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: competency-based assessment , motivation , medical education

  • Ryoul Ryu

    Renewable Resources

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Wildland fire science and management

  • Jessica Sacher

    Biological Sciences - Szymanski Lab

    MSc Candidate

  • Humam Saltaji

    School of Dentistry, Orthodontic Graduate Program

    PhD Resident

  • Anna Santos Salas

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Fiona Schmiegelow

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , Director, Northern ENCS Program

    Expertise: Wildlife and landscape ecology , Conservation science

  • Richard Schneider

    Biological Sciences

    Research Associate

    Expertise: Conservation , Land-use planning , Climate change

  • Donald Schopflocher

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor , School of Public Health and , Faculty of Nursing

  • Alvin Schrader

    iSMSS, SLIS, UAL, University of Alberta

    Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services , Professor Emeritus, School of Library & Information Studies , Director of Research, Libraries

    Expertise: sexual minority and gender variant (LGBTTQ) library services & issues , internet filtering censorware , censorship & intellectual freedom in cultural institutions , academic library research , library effectiveness , school to work transitioning

  • Sanja Schreiber

    Rehabilitation Science

  • Shannon Scott

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

    Expertise: Knowledge Translation

  • Linda Seale

    John W Scott Health Sciences Library

    Expertise: Rehabilitation Medicine , Dentistry and Dental Hygiene , Indigenous and Traditional Medicine , Systematic review searching , Instruction and consultation

  • Derek Sellman

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

  • Sangita Sharma

    Aboriginal and Global Health Research

    Endowed Chair Global Health

  • Ali Shiri

    School of Library and Information Studies

    Associate Professor

    Expertise: Digital libraries , Information search behaviour , Knowledge organization systems , Search user interfaces , Social tagging

  • William Shotyk

    Renewable Resources

    Professor , Bocock Chair in Agriculture and Environment

    Expertise: Agriculture and Environment

  • Tariq Siddique

    Renewable Resources

    Assistant Professor

    Expertise: Soil chemistry , Environmental microbiology

  • Uldis Silins

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Forest hydrology , Watershed management

  • Kristen Simone


  • Shakti Singh

    Department of Surgery

    PhD, University of Alberta (2009-2015) , J. Research Fellow, Translational Health Sc. & Technology Institute, Gurgaon (2008-2009) , Research Assistant, National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi (2006-2008) , M.Sc. Microbiology, CCS University (2003-2005)

    Expertise: Viral Immunology , Vaccine Development , Clinical Vaccine Trial , RNA Viruses , Human Immunology

  • Allison Sivak

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Assessment Librarian

    Expertise: Library assessment , Aesthetics and information

  • Linda Slater

    John W. Scott Health Sciences Library

    Public Service Manager

    Expertise: Liaison librarian for Nursing, Physical Education & Recreation

  • Susan Slaughter

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • flo slomp


    PhD student in Medicine

    Expertise: Mind Body Medicine

  • Jorden Smith

    University of Alberta, Humanities and Social Sciences Library

    Public Services Librarian

    Expertise: Research interests include: , Knowledge Organization , Information literacy , Curriculum theory

  • Cristabel Sosa

    Centre for Health Promotion Studies

    Health Equity Strategist, Alberta Health Services

    Expertise: Social Determinants of Health , Immigrant Health , Health Equity , Project planning and implementation

  • John R. Spence

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Ecology , Conservation and evolutionary biology , Forest and aquatic entomology

  • Felix Sperling

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Professor, Biological Sciences

  • Judith Spiers

    Faculty of Nursing

    Associate Professor

  • Trevor Steve

    Department of Medicine

    Expertise: Epilepsy

  • Miriam Stewart

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Robyn Stobbs

    School of Library and Information Studies

    Graduate Student and Researcher

  • Dale Storie

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Public Services Librarian, John W. Scott Health Sciences Library (until June 30, 2014).

  • David Sulz

    University of Alberta Library

    Public Services Librarian , Regional Liaison - China

  • Rick Szostak



    Expertise: Interdisciplinary Theory and Practice , Classification , Economic History , Science and Technology Studies , Methodology

  • Maria Tan

    Cross Cancer Institute Library, Alberta Health Services

    Librarian, Knowledge Resource Service

    Expertise: Cancer Care , Health Promotion Studies , Occupational Therapy , Other areas of interest: Healthy aging, health information literacy, credibility assessment of online health information

  • Keren Tang

    Centre for Health Promotion Studies

    MSc Student In Health Promotion

    Expertise: Health promotion , Aboriginal health , Participatory research

  • Julie Tarif

    Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

    Faculty Lecturer

    Expertise: Research Areas: 19th century Literature; Translation and Translation Studies; French translations and adaptations of Dickensian texts; Inclusive Literature / Inclusive Language. , Teaching Areas: French and English Languages; Literature; Translation and Translation Theory.

  • Catherine Tays

    Microbiology and Biotechnology

  • Lorraine Thirsk

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Jessica Thorlakson

    H.T. Coutts Education and Physical Education Library

    Public Services Librarian Intern

    Expertise: Information Literacy, RefWorks, APA Citation

  • Marguerite Tiangco

    School of Public Health

    Registered Dental Hygienist, Graduate Student

  • Lisa Tjosvold

    University of Alberta Libraries

    IHE Research Librarian

    Expertise: Systematic Review searching

  • Amy Toosi


    RN, BScN

  • Jacqueline Torti

    School of Public Health

    PhD Candidate , Graduate Research Assistant , Instructor

    Expertise: Public Health , Qualitative Research , Psychosocial Health

  • Chih-Yuan Tseng

    Oncology - Tuszynski group

    Research associate

    Expertise: Theoretical physics , Information theory , Computational biology , Bioinformatics , Drug discovery , Pharmacokinetic simulation

  • Benjamin Tucker

    Department of Linguistics

    Associate Professor

    Expertise: Phonetics , Psycholinguistics , Laboratory phonology , Language documentation and revitalization , American indigenous languages (Uto-Aztecan and Yuman)

  • Karen Turpin

    Public Health Sciences

  • Ben Vandermeer

    Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence (ARCHE)


  • Cristina Villa-roel

    Emergency Medicine Research Group

  • Christine Wagoner

    Health Information Privacy Office

    Health Information Privacy Adviser

    Expertise: Health Information Act

  • Amanda Wakaruk

    University of Alberta Libraries

    Government Information Librarian , Political Science Liaison Librarian , School of Library and Information Studies Liaison Librarian , British History Liaison Librarian

    Expertise: government information , library as place

  • Sarah Wall

    Faculty of Nursing

    Assistant Professor

  • Richard Leon Ward

    Campus Saint-Jean


    Expertise: Master in Canadian Studies , Education: Études Sociales, FLA et FSL.

  • Aisha Wasif

    MPH Leadership

    Expertise: Leadership in Public Health

  • Jason Weatherald

    Internal Medicine

  • Hannah Weinstangel

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

  • Daniala Weir

    Alliance for Canadian Health Outcomes Research in Diabetes, Department of Public Health Sciences, School of Public Health

    Expertise: Epidemiology, biostatistics

  • Joseph Westgeest

    Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


  • Jonathan White

    Surgical Education, Medical Education

    Tom Williams Endowed Chair in Surgical Education , Associate Professor, Department of Surgery , Senior Director for Undergraduate Education, Department of Surgery

    Expertise: Assessment in medical education , The use of online education , The use of qualitative methodology to explore surgical education and practice.

  • Beverly Williams

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor and , Adjunct Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine

  • Kathleen Williams

    School of Public Health

    Graduate Student

  • Donna Wilson

    Faculty of Nursing


  • Osnat Wine


    Research coordinator

    Expertise: children's environmental health

  • Tyler Wist

    Department of Biological Sciences

    Doctoral Candidate, Department of Biological Sciences

  • Jiajie Wu

    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

    MSc Student

    Expertise: Wheelchair Pushrim Biomechanics , Community Use of Wheelchair , Biomedical Engineering

  • Francis Yeh

    Renewable Resources

    Professor Emeritus

    Expertise: Tree improvement and breeding , Quantitative and population genetics , Forest conservation and biotechnology

  • Olive Yonge

    Faculty of Nursing

    Professor , Vargo Distinguished Teaching Chair

  • Heather Young-Leslie

    Office of the Vice-President (Research)

    Senior Coordinator, Social Sciences and Humanities Grant Assist Program , Professor (Adjunct) Anthropology

    Expertise: SSHRC Grants , Medical and cultural anthropology , Ethnography , Research design, methods, grants , Oceania

  • Richard Zhao

    Department of Computing Science

  • Lydia Zvyagintseva

    School of Library and Information Studies

    MA/MLIS Candidate

    Expertise: data curation, digital humanities, data management, project management, open data, civic engagement, civic technology

  • Janusz Zwiazek

    Renewable Resources


    Expertise: Plant physiology