Testing and auditing blockchain application

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  • This chapter is the last in the design/develop/Test blockchain applications trilogy. Assuming strict adherence to sound blockchain design and development principles, tools and best practices, it is important to adhere to strict and thorough testing procedures both during the application development and the final testing stages. The discussion in this chapter starts out with a discussion of over 10 different blockchain application testing procedures. While it will most likely be very time consuming and expensive to employ all of the discussed testing methodologies, information systems auditors and blockchain testing professional need to employ a number of testing procedures in order to make sure that the blockchain application is fully functional and bugs free prior to its deployment. A discussion on the various types of bugs and a four step strategy for a successful bug management is underlined in this chapter. A number of blockchain testing application and bug analysis tools are recommended, along with their download links. In addition, the foundation of testing management principles and related concepts are also presented and discussed. The chapter concludes with a comprehensive blockchain application audit checklist, based on a framework developed by KPMG, India. This checklist should be a valuable tool for information system auditors in planning and conducting blockchain specifics audits.

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