Blockchain application development

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  • Following the previous blockchain application design discussions, chapter 9 focuses on a discussion of fundamental blockchain application development considerations and presents readers with some basic tools and techniques required during the development phase.
    This chapter begins with a discussion of the necessity to get things right, the first time by explaining some reasons that blockchain application developers are well advised to adopt a firmware versus a software approach. Next, a few popular blockchain frameworks are presented and discussed. While an in-depth discussion of the Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda frameworks was the sole focus of chapter 7, this chapter also introduces two additional blockchain development frameworks, Quorum and Ripple.
    The chapter discussions continue with an explanation of the main layers of a typical blockchain application; namely, the application, service, semantic, network and infrastructure layers. Readers are also provided with an introduction of various blockchain application tools and techniques, as well as a tool download link table for easy access. Finally, the use of an integrated development environment is introduced and discussed.
    The final section of this chapter presents and discusses several blockchain application development good practices. While this chapter is not meant to provide advanced training for blockchain application professionals, novice blockchain enthusiasts and information systems auditors should find its content both interesting and useful.

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