An implementation approach to blockchain solutions

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  • This chapter focuses on the implementation aspects of blockchain technology. The chapter starts with a brief discussion of some potential organizational use cases such as the use of blockchain technology in disaster recovery, contract management, product monetization, supply chain monitoring, asset management, and compliance management. Next, Using the COBIT 2019 implementation approach as the framework, the chapter presents and discusses 10 general IT implementation challenges; then runs the reader through the seven phases of the COBIT 2019 implementation by outlining roles and responsibilities, as well as each phase’s description, objectives, inputs, and outputs following the guidance provided by COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide. Readers interested in using the COBIT 2019 implementation approach are highly encouraged to review several COBIT 2019 related publications, including COBIT 2019 Implementation Guide, COBIT 2019 Design Guide, and the COBIT 2019 Governance and Management Objectives guide available on the ISACA website (, as this chapter aims to provide a high-level discussion of blockchain implementation considerations.

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