Blockchain user, network, and system-level attacks and mitigation

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  • This chapter is the first of the two chapters providing a security and assurance technical discussion of currently known blockchain technology attacks. Whereas, in the next chapter the focus is placed solely on smart contracts vulnerabilities and attacks, this chapter covers blockchain vulnerability and ensuing attacks at the user, system and network level.
    The user-level attacks include stolen private keys and the use of blockchain-specific malware to initiate a security breach at the user-level. Readers are reminded that while all blockchain nodes are users, not all users are nodes. Node-level attacks stem primarily due to
    vulnerabilities associated with shared vulnerabilities and Membership Service Provider (MSP) vulnerabilities.
    Furthermore, a total of eight network-level attacks and four system-level attacks are also presented and discussed. The chapter also provides readers with some suggested mitigation techniques for the various attacks discussed at each level (user/node/network/system).
    The chapter concludes with a discussion of some security best practices for each discussed attack, as well as a quick discussion of Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda inherent security measures.

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