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Alberta Survey, 2010 Open Access


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Population Research Labratory
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physical activity
end-of-life issues
child mental health
living will
youth mental health
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2010-05 - 2010-07

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The Population Research Laboratory (PRL), a member of the Association of Academic Survey Research Organizations (AASRO), seeks to advance the research, education and service goals of the University of Alberta by helping academic researchers and policy makers design and implement applied social science research projects. The PRL specializes in the gathering, analysis, and presentation of data about demographic, social and public issues such as the state of Canadians' health and access to healthcare, their educational and labour force lives, and their perceptions and knowledge of the world around them. The PRL research team provides expert consultation and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research methods, project design, sample design, web-based, paper-based and telephone surveys, field site testing, data analysis and report writing. The PRL follows scientifically rigorous and transparent methods in each phase of a research project. The PRL maintains a complement of experienced, effective telephone interviewers and uses best-known practices when conducting all types of survey research. The Population Research Laboratory (PRL) administered the 2010 Alberta Survey. This survey of households across the province of Alberta continues to enable academic researchers, government departments, and non-profit organizations to explore a wide range of topics in a structured research framework and environment. Sponsors' research questions are asked together with demographic questions in a telephone interview of Alberta households. This data consists of the information from 1203 Alberta residence, interviewed between May 27, 2010 and July 16, 2010. The amount of responses indicates that the response rate, as calculated percentages representing the number of people who participated in the survey divided by the number selected in the eligible sample, was 21.2%. The subject ares included in the 2010 Alberta Survey includes socio-demographic and background variables such as: household composition, age, gender, marital status, highest level of education, household income, individual income, religion, ethnicity, country of birth, employment status, occupation, industry, home ownership, political party support and perceptions of financial status. In addition, the topics of participation in physical activity, opinions regarding access to H1N1 information and the extend of understanding about issues surrounding H1N1, opinions regarding the prevelance of mental health issues among children and youth; and questions about death and dying, living wills, and end of life issues.

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Population Research Laboratory

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