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  • 2017

    Anoveros, Ana

    During cancer, patients lose a significant amount of muscle mass. This is associated with poor outcomes and increased mortality rates. Muscle is composed of different types of muscle fibers (also called muscle cells): slow muscle fibers are meant for endurance activities and fast muscle fibers...

  • 2017-01-01

    Wang, Yiyu

    This micrograph (magnified √ó 500), taken by an optical microscope, shows multi-scaled crystalline grains at the interface between a martensitic weld metal (upper left) and a Grade 91 steel (bottom right). Weld metal solidified from the molten steel liquid and grew into coarse columnar crystals...

  • 2017-01-01

    Jean, Francesca

    Human mutations in the gene unc119 result in retinal degeneration that can eventually lead to colour and night vision loss and in extreme cases, blindness. Yet, it isn't known how unc119 functions in the retina and why mutations cause retinal disease. The goal of my project is to use the...

  • 2017-01-01

    Thera, Becky

    The intent of my research is to engage in a conversation about the complexities of sexual violence, related trauma and patriarchal systems. My research is conducted through artistic creation, as it has the capacity to address this complicated social issue with humanity and emotion. This image is...

  • 2017-01-01

    Pohlod , Meghan

    I am a visual artist working in print media and installation practices examining the body as interior and exterior space in order to question what happens with traumatic memory when triggered by image, place and time. I am concerned with the trauma of abandonment and desire to understand my own...

  • 2017

    Gibson, Carolyn

    Each summer as air temperatures rise amongst the midnight sun, permafrost begins to thaw top down. This thawing is short lived though as fall’s cool breath begins to show itself in late August and these soils refreeze as the long winter sets in. Understanding what controls the depth of this top...

  • 2017

    Lafferty, Anita

    Through the sundial, the images tell the story of my notions of knowledge and knowing as an interpolation of the third space, shared through a Dene and Cree lens. Like the blind spot that exists within the means of the eye, the ethos of my understanding of curriculum aspects are shared through...

  • 2017

    Poitras, Trevor

    The peripheral nervous system is capable of regeneration, however often times, the regeneration is limited and incomplete. Injury sustained to the peripheral nervous system is acquired through physical insult to the nerves, or through pathophysiological manifestations called neuropathies. My work...

  • 2017

    Burger, Camille

    This piece is dedicated to my friend Nadia Vera, a Mexican dancer, activist and anthropologist who was murdered in the summer of 2015 in Mexico City. She strongly believed in the potential for arts as a medium for social transformation and acted accordingly. My PhD (research and creation) places...

  • 2017

    Kerr, Shaun

    When an ultra-intense laser hits a solid target, jets of particles stream off in all directions. Hydrogen, as the lightest element, gets preferentially accelerated, resulting in proton beams. These beams have many potential applications, from medical radiotherapy to fusion energy. The study of...

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