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  • 2017

    Northlich-Redmond, Will

    “When You Lick My Skin We See Roses” is a graphic musical score. The work depicts a psychedelic confluence of distorted musical symbols, explosive color fields, abstract visual imagery, and varying dimensions of spatial depth. Ultimately, this image attempts to not only radically re-imagine...

  • 2017

    Vokey, M

    Man’s best friend has been known for centuries as the loving, furry dog. Humans have created a strong, unique bond exclusive to canines. The characteristic of caring makes this partnership desirable. A person yearns for the free-zone a dog provides, free from judgement, criticism, rejection,...

  • 2017

    Law, Lauren

    Glass sponge reefs in Hecate Strait, British Columbia are threatened by trawling and oil/gas exploration. The reefs are ancient, dated at 9,000 years old, and represent modern analogues of extinct reefs that once existed during the Jurassic period. Given their rarity and vulnerability to damage,...

  • 2017

    McFarlane, Vincent

    Frazil ice particles form in the turbulent supercooled waters of northern rivers prior to freeze-up. The individual particles suspended in the flow are primarily disc-shaped, very small (maximum of ~4 mm in diameter), and upon contact with each other will freeze together into complex formations...

  • 2017

    Martin, Caroline

    This image is of a Western Meadowlark nest, a grassland-specific songbird that can be found across the prairies in the summer. Only 25-30% of Canadian grasslands remain, an area that is currently declining due to conversion into agricultural fields and fragmentation due to the construction of...

  • 2017

    de Bruijn, Noemi

    My work/research focuses on our relationship with the environment. I'm concerned with what I call nature-culture dislocation. This relates to how we have distanced and mediated ourselves as a culture from the realities of the planet we live on. We curate everything that surrounds us, and...

  • 2017-01-01

    Mackay, Madeline

    Suspended' is a lithographic and toner transfer print. It was created as part of my thesis research project that looks into how we understand flesh when it is separated from the body. Flesh as a substance on its own is in a strange transitional state. It still carries the taboos of the body; we...

  • 2017-01-01

    Dinn, Curtis

    A deep sea (1148m) Agassiz trawl is returning to the deck of the CCGS Amundsen during a cruise in the Arctic. This trawl was targeted at sampling benthic epifauna near reported black coral habitat. My research goals are to describe the diversity of sponges in the Eastern Canadian Arctic and...

  • 2017-01-01

    Sims, Ashley

    Historians rely overwhelmingly on written sources as their principal evidence. They then take that evidence and add more text, using layers of interpretation, analysis, and argument in order to examine and explain past events. My doctoral dissertation explores consumer behaviour in 17th-century...

  • 2017

    Anoveros, Ana

    During cancer, patients lose a significant amount of muscle mass. This is associated with poor outcomes and increased mortality rates. Muscle is composed of different types of muscle fibers (also called muscle cells): slow muscle fibers are meant for endurance activities and fast muscle fibers...

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