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The NSERC TRIA Network (TRIA-Net)

The NSERC TRIA Network (TRIA-Net) is a recently funded initiative under the Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada’s (NSERC) Strategic Network Grants program which will work to protect Canadian forests through science-based strategies to control spread of the mountain pine beetle in Canada. Directed by Dr. Janice Cooke (University of Alberta), co-directed Dr. Joerg Bohlmann (University of British Columbia), and managed by Dr. Sebastian Lackey (University of Alberta), this highly collaborative research initiative will leverage the interdisciplinary strengths of 18 contributing scientists, in addition to government, not-for-profit, and industry organizations which have been integrated into the Network structure. Over the five year Network timeframe, TRIA-Net will build on the ground-breaking research from the Tria Project that originally began in 2007. Working closely with its Partner Organizations, TRIA-Net research will provide knowledge and tools in real time to decision makers, helping them combat the continued spread of this devastating forest insect.
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