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Images of Research Competition

The Images of Research competition is an opportunity for current University of Alberta graduate students from all disciplines to capture, share, and present the essence of their research in one image, diagram or drawing. This competition and its accompanying exhibition aim to showcase and preserve graduate student research in print and digital form, foster student engagement, and support graduate students’ academic endeavours. Winners and semifinalists are selected by a multidisciplinary jury according to the following criteria: Originality/ Creativity; Aesthetic appeal of image; Relationship between image and student’s research; Clarity of written description and title. All files are available via a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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  1. Images of Research Competition 2017

    Title: Images of Research Competition 2017
  2. Images of Research Competition 2016

    Title: Images of Research Competition 2016
    Description: University of Alberta graduate students made 114 submissions to the Images of Research Competition 2016. The submissions highlighted that graduate student research at UAlberta takes place in studios and science labs, in the field and on the ice. From steel joints to self-determination; forest fire sensors to fossil record research; from drag kings to disease-resistant peas, UAlberta graduate student research is diverse and global. A multi-disciplinary 5 person adjudication committee reviewed all submissions and selected winners. The University of Alberta community voted for the People's Choice Award and the winning image garnered 122 votes out of 765 votes. The winning and semifinalist images are available in ERA (the University of Alberta’s digital repository) after the Images of Research exhibition.