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  1. Fighting Copyright Chill in Canada: Using OER to Educate and Empower Librarians [Download]

    Title: Fighting Copyright Chill in Canada: Using OER to Educate and Empower Librarians
    Creator: Wakaruk, Amanda
    Description: This OLA Super Conference 2018 session introduced a three-year, grant-funded project to develop OER-compatible copyright tutorials for a wide Canadian audience. Completed modules were demonstrated and feedback about moving forward with the project solicited. The open nature of these works were highlighted and opportunities for adaptation explored.
    Subjects: copyright, OER
    Date Created: 2018/02/02
  2. Exploration of Reserve Services [Download]

    Title: Exploration of Reserve Services
    Creator: Snihurowych, Sarah V. W.
    Description: Slides from a University of Alberta Libraries (UAL) Academic Resident Project presentation. This project involves researching the needs of faculty with respect to library reserve services, examining the impact UAL's Course Textbook Initiative has had on students, conducting an environmental scan of reserve services at other academic libraries, and exploring library reserve system technologies.
    Subjects: Library Reserves, Academic Library Residency, University of Alberta Libraries (UAL)
    Date Created: 2017/10/20
  3. K-Lee Fraser_Resident Project Presentation [Download]

    Title: K-Lee Fraser_Resident Project Presentation
    Creator: K-Lee Fraser
    Subjects: Research Data Management, Academic Library Resident
    Date Created: October 2017
  4. Library Support for Online Courses [Download]

    Title: Library Support for Online Courses
    Creator: Laroque, Sheila
    Description: This presentation outlines the beginning intentions and processes for an Academic Resident Project at the University of Alberta Libraries. The intention of the project was to conduct interviews with faculty members, course designers and students in order to better understand the library services for those involved in courses at the Faculty of Education. This project seeks to not only understand some of the ways that libraries can better serve this faculty, but gain insights into how this will help other faculties and universities.
    Subjects: Educational Support, Library Services, Online Courses
    Date Created: 2017/10/20
  5. Interlibrary Loan User Study [Download]

    Title: Interlibrary Loan User Study
    Creator: Victoria Wong
    Description: Presentation Slides regarding an Academic Resident project on user experience of Interlibrary Loan Service within the University of Alberta Libraries. This presentation features a breakdown of the project's plans for the course of Fall '17 and Winter '18 terms, as well as a brief summary of the state of the project as of October 2017.
    Subjects: Interlibrary Loan Services, Librarianship, Resource Sharing
  6. Giving a Kahoot about Assessment in the Classroom [Download]

    Title: Giving a Kahoot about Assessment in the Classroom
    Creator: Kung, Janice
    Description: As library sessions are typically one-shot sessions with limited time, it is difficult to gauge students’ comprehension of the subject matter. Since opportunities for post-session assessment is limited, there is a need to effectively evaluate students’ learning in class. Kahoot, an open-source, game-based learning platform, has been used in a number of Health Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering library sessions at the University of Alberta. This poster, presented at the 2017 Canadian Library Assessment Workshop (CLAW) Conference in Victoria BC, provides a case study of how it was used as a formative assessment tool in a series of curriculum-based, 300-level Pharmacy seminars. Data collected from the Kahoot quizzes will be analyzed to show the effectiveness of this platform as an assessment tool. We will also demonstrate how Kahoot may be adopted for other learning environments. Kahoot allows librarians to create online quizzes (e.g. multiple choice questions) that can be used on any computer or mobile device and does not require students to create accounts beforehand, making it easily accessible. Operating like an audience response system, students select the correct response on their own devices, and results are tabulated and collected in real-time, making assessment easy. This level of assessment allows instructors to review and reinforce content based on students’ responses. For instance, if the majority of the class answers a question incorrectly, the instructor can use the opportunity to explain the concept differently or use other examples. Our findings illustrate that this program is an effective assessment tool, while also enhancing students’ engagement and understanding of classroom content. Since formative assessment in the classroom can be challenging for instructors, this poster provides examples on how Kahoot may be used in diverse learning environments.
    Subjects: Assessment, Library Instruction, Active Learning, Kahoot
    Date Created: 2017/10/15
  7. Data of Unusual Size: A Policy Framework Investigation [Download]

    Title: Data of Unusual Size: A Policy Framework Investigation
    Creator: Vanderjagt, Leah
    Description: Over the last several years, many academic libraries have engaged in institution-wide outreach efforts promoting the value of research data management and the importance of data archiving and sharing. A happy result of this work is that PIs leading research projects that are concluding are now bringing data archiving requests for well-managed research data directly to libraries. But much of this data has the potential to consume hundreds of terabytes of storage space – some from individual projects alone. These storage-hungry datasets require development in software, hardware, policy, and service so that these large digital treasures can be archived according to academic library commitments to strong data stewardship. We conducted an environmental review of select mature large-filesize data archiving services to identify services offered to research. We will share practices and policies for data archiving and an overview of the more challenging large data archiving scenarios facing academic libraries.
    Subjects: Big data, Data management, Data archiving
    Date Created: 2017/10
  8. Opening Library Data @ The University of Alberta Libraries [Download]

    Title: Opening Library Data @ The University of Alberta Libraries
    Creator: Denise Koufogiannakis
    Description: Highlights the University of Alberta’s recent efforts to share open library data openly.
    Subjects: Library data, Open data
    Date Created: 2016/11
  9. Building an Instant Learning Community within the Classroom Using Mobile ARS: A Practical Overview [Download]

    Title: Building an Instant Learning Community within the Classroom Using Mobile ARS: A Practical Overview
    Creator: Hwang, Christina
    Description: Students at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) are discovering how information literacy instruction can be used to build a learning community through mobile ARS technology. Librarians can engage students in providing an immediate forum in which they can interact with each other thereby creating a shared constructivist learning environment that is anonymous yet fully participatory.
    Subjects: mobile ars, clickers, classroom, student engagement, information literacy
    Date Created: 2011/05/25
  10. Research Data Management at the University of Alberta [Download]

    Title: Research Data Management at the University of Alberta
    Creator: Harder, Geoffrey S.
    Description: A presentation given at a meeting in Edmonton on November 17, 2015 co-sponsored by RDC and the University of Alberta with support from SSHRC on behalf of the federal granting agencies. The Edmonton meeting involved senior representatives of 16 institutions, as well as of the federal granting councils and other national organizations with an interest in research data. All who gathered in Edmonton were cognizant of RDM issues in part because of work underway to develop a set of guidelines on data management by the federal granting agencies.
    Subjects: research data management, libraries
    Date Created: 2015/11/17