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  1. Alberta Diabetes Atlas 2011 [Download]

    Title: Alberta Diabetes Atlas 2011
    Creator: Institute of Health Economics
    Description: The Alberta Diabetes Surveillance System (ADSS) was created in 2006 in partnership with Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW) and the Institute of Health Economics (IHE). The purpose of the ADSS is to provide information about diabetes within the province of Alberta. This information includes the incidence, prevalence and use of health care services for people with diabetes, along with information about their related comorbidities and complications. Ongoing surveillance of diabetes through the ADSS will, over time, help to inform health professionals, primary care networks, regional health zones and AHW as to whether efforts to reduce the overall burden of diabetes are effective. The first comprehensive report from the ADSS was the Alberta Diabetes Atlas 2007. It contained a broad perspective of the impact that diabetes has on Albertans and on the health care system. To enhance interpretability and usability, trends in diabetes and related conditions were presented over time (1995-2005), across ages and by geographic region. In 2007, nine Alberta health regions existed; however, in 2009, these health regions were combined to form five zones under one provincial health authority, Alberta Health Services (AHS). Geographically, the North zone encompasses the area of Peace Country, Northern Lights and Aspen health regions; Central zone encompasses David Thompson and East Central health regions; and South zone encompasses Chinook and Palliser health regions. The areas for the Calgary and Capital Health regions stayed the same except for renaming them the Calgary and Edmonton zones, respectively. These five zones are still in effect today and are reflected on the provincial map (Figure 1.1) with white lines. The dark lines represent the nine former health regions from before 2009. Information contained in the previous 2009 Atlas and the current Alberta Diabetes Atlas 2011 is summarized at the provincial and zone level. The Alberta Diabetes Atlas 2011 is a standalone report, and trend data should not be directly compared with the previous two editions (2007 and 2009) of the Alberta Diabetes Atlas. The numbers and figures will be similar, but direct comparisons cannot be made due to methodological differences in case definitions and revisions to AHW’s historical data.ISBN: 978-1-897443-96-5 (Online)
    Subjects: Diabetes - Health Statistics - Alberta
    Date Created: 2011/09/28
  2. Mental Health Economic Statistics: In Your Pocket [Download]

    Title: Mental Health Economic Statistics: In Your Pocket
    Creator: Institute of Health Economics
    Description: This booklet brings together information that demonstrates the burden of mental illness and where Canada’s mental health system ranks among other developed countries. It also provides important consolidated information on key indicators that depict the state of our mental health system. The revised edition of Mental Health Economic Statistics is much the same as the original version, except for correction to several charts. Most changes are based on recalculations of psychiatric inpatient days, which is a key indicator of mental health economic activity. The new method of calculation of inpatient days corrects for very long stay patients who were discharged in 2003/04.
    Subjects: Mental Health - Health Statistics - Canada, Health Economics, Mental Health - Healthcare Costs - Canada
    Date Created: 2007/09/09
  3. L’IHE dans votre poche 2017: Guide statistique sur l’économie de la santé [Download]

    Title: L’IHE dans votre poche 2017: Guide statistique sur l’économie de la santé
    Creator: Institute of Health Economics
    Description: L’IHE dans votre poche 2017 – Guide de statistiques sur l’économie de la santé présente et divise les données les plus récentes en sections portant sur le fardeau économique de la maladie, les ressources en soins de santé, les comportements liés à la santé, l'état de santé, les données démographiques et le rendement du système de santé. L’IHE dans votre poche donne une vue d’ensemble compacte, exhaustive et comparative des aspects économiques du système canadien de soins de santé. La première édition de L’IHE dans votre poche a été publiée en 2006. La version de 2017 suit le modèle de l’édition précédente, soit celle de 2014. Les catégories employées ressemblent à celles de 2014, ce qui comprend les coûts totaux, les données sur l’utilisation et sur les coûts pour différents secteurs ou groupes de fournisseurs, les indicateurs démographiques et les indicateurs de rendement à l’échelle du système. Les sources de toutes les données sont indiquées. De plus, dans la présente version, nous avons donné de l’ampleur à certaines composantes, dont celles des produits pharmaceutiques et des soins de longue durée lorsque de nouvelles données existaient. Nous présentons des données qui permettent d’établir des comparaisons entre les provinces et les pays dont le niveau de développement économique est comparable à celui du Canada. Nous avons placé des indicateurs interprovinciaux et internationaux sur les pages adjacentes. Le lecteur doit prendre note que parfois, ces nombres viennent de sources différentes et qu’ils ne sont pas toujours strictement comparables. Nous présentons également les tendances sous la forme de graphiques lorsque les données nécessaires existent.
    Subjects: Health Economics, Health Statistics, Healthcare Costs
    Date Created: 2017/09/17
  4. IHE In Your Pocket 2017: A Handbook of Health Economic Statistics [Download]

    Title: IHE In Your Pocket 2017: A Handbook of Health Economic Statistics
    Creator: Institute of Health Economics
    Description: IHE In Your Pocket 2017 – A Handbook of Health Economic Statistics includes the most currently available data, presented in separate sections on the economic burden of illness, health care resources, health behaviours, health status and demographics, and health system performance. IHE In Your Pocket was designed to provide a compact, comprehensive, and comparative overview of the economic aspects of the Canadian health care system. It was first published in 2006. The 2017 version follows the pattern of the previous, 2014 edition. We use similar categories to those in 2014, including aggregate costs, utilization and cost data for separate sectors or provider groups, population indicators, and system-wide performance indicators. All data sources are referenced. In the present version we have expanded some components, notably pharmaceuticals and long-term care, where new data has become available. We provide data comparing provinces and countries that have similar levels of economic development to Canada. We have placed cross-provincial and cross-national indicators on adjacent pages; the reader should note that these numbers sometimes come from different sources, and they are not always strictly comparable. We also provide trend graphs where data was available.
    Subjects: Health Statistics, Health Economics, Healthcare
    Date Created: 2017/05/31
  5. World in Your Pocket A Handbook of International Health Economic Statistics [Download]

    Title: World in Your Pocket A Handbook of International Health Economic Statistics
    Creator: Institute of Health Economics
    Description: World In Your Pocket - A Handbook of International Health Economic Statistics includes the most current available data, presented in separate sections on health status, health care costs, health resources, health resources, health resource utilization, and health system performance.
    Subjects: Health Economics , Healthcare Costs
    Date Created: 2007/08/13