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Graduate Research Showcase 2014 (Education)

The Graduate Research Showcase is a collaboration between Elementary Education Graduate Student Association (EE: GSA) and Secondary Education Graduate Association (SEGSA) that provides a forum for graduate students to share their emerging research ideas, experiences, and findings. The showcase is meant to be inclusive and welcomes a variety of approaches, research methodologies, topics, and ideas from emerging scholars in both of our departments, the Faculty of Education, and the university community. The Showcase is designed to be a safe place for graduate students to gain experience writing proposals and presenting at an academic conference, and to receive constructive feedback on their writing and work.
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  1. Merhuman [Download]

    Title: Merhuman
    Creator: Anna Wilson
    Description: Mer-human   Once upon a time deep in the Pacific Ocean there was a beautiful mermaid named Anahita. Anahita was the Persian goddess of fertility and water. She had magical powers and the wonders of the sea always surrounded her. Her tail was bright and shimmery, and she loved to play at the surface when the moon rises. Sailors and mermen, flocked to her for her incomparable inner and outer beauty. Although she loved the ocean, Anahita longed to be a human so she could marry the not-so happy Prince Saponi and learn how to become a great warrior princess.
    Subjects: Fiction
    Date Created: 2017/02/02
  2. Getting Your Research on the Radar: Using Today's Tools to Help You Stand Out in the Crowd [Download]

    Title: Getting Your Research on the Radar: Using Today's Tools to Help You Stand Out in the Crowd
    Creator: Feisst, D.
    Description: In a vast sea of scholarly information, getting your publications and research noticed is challenging. New researchers may find themselves frustrated by traditional citation measurement tools which rely on longevity-based data such as impact factors. However, you can take advantage of the latest technology to build and promote your online profile as well as disseminate and measure your research. We will provide examples of author identification systems and alternative tools to measure scholarly output in social media and other venues (altmetrics).
    Subjects: altmetrics, author identification systems, institutional repositories, Education & Research Archive, ERA
    Date Created: 2014/03/07