DealScan is a database of deal terms and conditions on loans, high yield bonds, private placements, and hybrid financing structures originated globally since 1988 through March 31, 2010. Information includes borrower, lender, purpose, amount, fees, covenants, financials and more.
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  1. DealScan DataModel [Download]

    Title: DealScan DataModel
    Creator: Loan Pricing Corporation
    Description: The DealScan DataModel depicts the schema for linking together the data tables found in the DealScan DataFeed.
    Subjects: Loans--Databases, Privately placed securities--Databases, Junk bonds--Databases
    Date Created: 2010
  2. DealScan TearSheets [Download]

    Title: DealScan TearSheets
    Creator: Loan Pricing Corporation
    Description: The DealScan TearSheets provide additional information related to the material included within the DealScan DataFeed.
    Subjects: Privately placed securities--Databases, Loans--Databases, Junk bonds--Databases
    Date Created: 2010
  3. DealScan DataFeed [Download]

    Title: DealScan DataFeed
    Creator: Loan Pricing Corporation
    Description: DealScan contains detailed deal terms dating back to 1988, and selected data back to 1981. It contains extensive and reliable information on the global commercial loan market. It provides users with access to Loan Pricing Corporation's (LPC's) robust database of detailed terms and conditions on over 131,000 loan, high-yield bond and private placement transactions. Please note: The DealScan DataFeed is a Microsoft Access database so you must have Microsoft Access installed on your computer in order to use it. In addition, the file is very large and may take half an hour to download.
    Subjects: Privately placed securities--Databases, Junk bonds--Databases, Loans--Databases
    Date Created: 2010