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Research Materials (ERA General)

These are general research materials deposited to the ERA General Collections community which are not yet associated with any department or faculty in ERA.
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  1. Damping and Harmonic Control of DG Interfacing Power Converters [Download]

    Title: Damping and Harmonic Control of DG Interfacing Power Converters
    Creator: Jinwei He
    Subjects: Distributed Power Generation, Power Electronics/Electrical Power System, Power Quality
    Date Created: 2013/11/29
  2. Assessing the Scale of Challenges for Preserving Research Data [Download]

    Title: Assessing the Scale of Challenges for Preserving Research Data
    Creator: Qasim, Umar
    Subjects: Research data, Preservation
    Date Created: 2015
  3. Canadian Antarctic Bibliography [Download]

    Title: Canadian Antarctic Bibliography
    Creator: Ommanney, C. Simon L.
    Description: A comprehensive bibliography documenting Canada’s work in the southern polar regions from the the earliest days when Sir Charles Wright (Silas) was a member of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition (1910–1913) until 2012. The listing is not limited to scientific papers, but includes anything that identifies an interest in the Antarctic regions, such as conference presentations, newspaper articles, and even novels. A sampling of media reports reflects the type of Antarctic issues and events that editors have deemed worthy of coverage across the country. Attached is a .txt file that includes the entire bibliography in RIS format. This file can be imported into bibliographic citation management software such as Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote.
    Subjects: Southern Ocean, Canada, Antarctica, Bibliography
    Date Created: 2015/08
  4. Radon Potential Map [Download]

    Title: Radon Potential Map
    Creator: Radon Environmental Management Corp.
    Description: Radon Environmental Management Corp. created a radon potential map for Canada in a similar format to the published radon potential maps available for the United States. Prior to this presentation, a national radon potential map for Canada did not exist.
    Subjects: Canada, Plutonium, Radon, Maps
  5. Hacking the city: libraries and the Open Data movement. [Download]

    Title: Hacking the city: libraries and the Open Data movement.
    Creator: Zvyagintseva, Lydia
    Description: This presentation explores the civic role of libraries in relation to the open data movement. Where do cities and libraries intersect? How can we support digital literacy, promote civic participation and leverage the knowledge found in our communities? We discuss two events that took place in Edmonton in 2014 as case studies for these issues: Edmonton Public Library’s Open Data Day and hackYEG, local hackathons that brought together the library, the city, local data enthusiasts and an international community of civic hackers. Drawing on the philosophy of participatory learning, we argue that providing open data as part of library services supports an increasingly popular and important method of accessing and utilizing knowledge for all types of libraries.
    Subjects: open government, civic engagement, libraries, open data
    Date Created: 2014/09/30
  6. Root foraging data PLOS ONE [Download]

    Title: Root foraging data PLOS ONE
    Creator: Cameron, Erin K.
    Description: This is a dataset from an experiment on earthworm effects on Campanula rotundifolia and Achillea millefolium (Cameron, Cahill, and Bayne).
    Subjects: invasions, earthworms, root foraging
  7. The Copyright Surveillance Industry [Download]

    Title: The Copyright Surveillance Industry
    Creator: Zajko, M,
    Description: Creative works are now increasingly distributed as digital “content” through the internet, and copyright law has created powerful incentives to monitor and control these flows. This paper analyzes the surveillance industry that has emerged as a result. Copyright surveillance systems identify copyright infringement online and identify persons to hold responsible for infringing acts. These practices have raised fundamental questions about the nature of identification and attribution on the internet, as well as the increasing use of algorithms to make legal distinctions. New technologies have threatened the profits of some media industries through copyright infringement, but also enabled profitable forms of mass copyright surveillance and enforcement. Rather than a system of perfect control, copyright enforcement continues to be selective and uneven, but its broad reach results in systemic harm and provides opportunities for exploitation. It is only by scrutinizing copyright surveillance practices and copyright enforcement measures that we can evaluate these consequences.
    Subjects: algorithmic, copyright surveillance, copyright enforcement, identification, internet
    Date Created: 2015
  8. Data Model for Georeferenced Maps using HydraWorks & PCDM [Download]

    Title: Data Model for Georeferenced Maps using HydraWorks & PCDM
    Creator: Griffin III, James
    Subjects: Geospatial resources, Digital libraries, object models
    Date Created: 2015
  9. Acute Postoperative Rehabilitation Video Part 2. [Download]

    Title: Acute Postoperative Rehabilitation Video Part 2.
    Creator: Hallworth, Ian
    Description: This is the second part of a three-part video produced as part of the requirements of a Master's Thesis in Rehabilitation Science.
    Please click here for Part 1 and Part 3.
    Subjects: anterior cruciate ligament surgery, rehabilitation exercise
  10. Overcoming Northern Challenges. [Download]

    Title: Overcoming Northern Challenges.
    Creator: Canadian Land Reclamation Association
    Description: Proceedings of the 2013 Northern Latitudes Mining Reclamation Workshop and 38th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association.
    Subjects: conference proceedings, Canada, land reclamation, Yukon