50th Anniversary Celebration

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  1. Polar Impact Exhibit - Power of Language [Download]

    Title: Polar Impact Exhibit - Power of Language
    Creator: CCI
    Description: In the circumpolar world, language dynamics vary locally according to national circumstances. The language of the Inuit, for example, is spoken in Alaska, Canada, and Greenland. In some places, it is the language of the majority, while in others it is used by a portion of the population. Accordingly, it is the language of instruction in some education systems, but not in all where Inuit are schooled. The language of the Inuit is an inspiring example of the preservation of a cultural identity over thousands of years, as well as a remarkable expression of creativity in adapting to contemporary challenges. _- Michelle Daveluy, Associate Professor of Anthropology (2010).
    Subjects: Inuit, Inuktitut Language, Alaska, Canada, Greenland
    Date Created: 2012/05/15
  2. The Canadian Circumpolar Library Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2010 [Download]

    Title: The Canadian Circumpolar Library Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2010
    Creator: Maloney, Elaine
    Description: This work describes briefly the history of the Canadian Circumpolar Collection at the University of Alberta.
    Subjects: Boreal Institute Library, Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Canadian Circumpolar Library, Boreal Institute for Northern Studies
    Date Created: 2010/03/01
  3. Polar Impact Exhibit-MAC & CCI 5 Oct- 20 Nov 2010- U of Alberta Gallery A, Telus Centre [Download]

    Title: Polar Impact Exhibit-MAC & CCI 5 Oct- 20 Nov 2010- U of Alberta Gallery A, Telus Centre
    Creator: Maloney, Elaine
    Description: Polar Impact was an exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute. It looks at the changes in the polar and sub-polar regions of the world and it highlights aspects of some of the research carried out by University of Alberta faculty in these unique and sensitive environments. Artifacts, specimens, and museum objects that are part of the University of Alberta Museums' Collections are part of the exhibition.
    Subjects: Exhibition, Museums and Collections, UofA Polar Research, Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Polar Impact
    Date Created: 2010/10/05
  4. Polar Impact Exhibit - Inuktitut Syllabic Typewriter [Download]

    Title: Polar Impact Exhibit - Inuktitut Syllabic Typewriter
    Creator: CCI
    Description: Polar Impacts Display on language featuring an Olivetti Inuktitut Syllabic (Manual) Typewriter, an excample of bridging western technology and indigenous cultures. Inuit languages were originally oral and had no written language until Inuktitut syllabics were adopted to create a standard writing system. Dr. Milton Freeman, Director of the Inuit Land Occupancy research project in the 1970s, was loaned this typewriter by the Federal Government, which funded the project. The typewriter was needed for communication (in Inuktitut) with more than 75 unilingual Inuit language speakers employed as fieldworkers in the project.
    Subjects: Polar Impact Exhibit, Inuktitut Syllabic Typewriter, Power of Language display
    Date Created: 2012/05/15
  5. Polar Impact Exhibit - Qulliq [Download]

    Title: Polar Impact Exhibit - Qulliq
    Creator: CCI
    Description: In traditional Inuit culture, a 'qulliq' -- an oil lamp for burning seal blubber -- serves as a light, a stove, and a gathering place. The 'qulliq' displayed in this exhibit is much larger than most and would have accommodated a significant group. The surface of the lamp is encrusted with solidified blubber, indicating previous use.
    Subjects: Qulliq-Date unknown (collected 1968), Anthropology Collection, UofA Museums, Display item, Poalr Impact Exhibit 2010
    Date Created: 2012/05/21
  6. Brochure-Magadan Exhibit-Oct 2010-reCCI50th [Download]

    Title: Brochure-Magadan Exhibit-Oct 2010-reCCI50th
    Creator: Maloney, Elaine
    Description: This exhibition was part of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. The curators are Professor Lawrence Khlinovski Rockhill, a visiting scholar at the CCI and Dr. Elena Khlinovskaya Rockhill, Principal Investigator for the international project \"Moved by the State: Perspectives on Relocation and Resettlement in the Circumpolar North,\" based at the CCI and the Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta. Pavel Zhdanov and Andrey Osipov, two well-known Magadan photographers, spend a great deal of their time travelling around the Magadan Region and documenting the life of the region throughout the various seasons, from boiling summer temperatures to the freezing cold of winter, about which Alberta residents know only too well. They photograph the lives of gold miners and fishermen,of the remnants--both human and material--of the Madadan GULAG history, of post-Soviet ghost towns and happier occasions of weddings and community celebrati ons. All these find their outlet in publications of books, photo-albums, and photo-exhibits, both locally and outside Magadan.This was their first exhibition abroad.
    Subjects: Magadan, photographic exhibit
    Date Created: 2010/04/15
  7. Polar Impacts Exhibit - Entry Display [Download]

    Title: Polar Impacts Exhibit - Entry Display
    Creator: CCI
    Description: Entry display featured the Electromagnetic 'Bird' used to measure the thickness of the ice using electromagnetic sounding. This technique is usually used on land to map ore or groundwater deposits. Dr. Christian Haas, Professor of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences adapted the technique to create a breaktrhough monitoring device for sea ice, the EM Bird. The UofA is one of only three institutions in the world to have access to this cutting-edge technology.
    Subjects: Entry Display, Polar Impact Exhibit
    Date Created: 2010/05/14