e-Service Symposium 2006

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  1. eService and the Alberta HR Crisis [Download]

    Title: eService and the Alberta HR Crisis
    Creator: Gellatly, Ian
    Description: Panel discussion. Presentation by Dr. Gellatly will offer general insights into what the “HR crisis” might mean for a variety of people-management practices within service-oriented companies. Specific topics will include “HR crisis” effects on selection, training, compensation, performance management, as well as possible remedies. Finally several options for dealing with staff and skill shortages will be discussed. The other discussants will respond and offer their insights and experiences. Panel members: Colin Clark, Henry Singer Fashion Group; Andrew Lawman, The Brick; Chris Ingles, RBC Royal Bank. Moderator: Paul McElhone, University of Alberta
    Subjects: human resources, eservice
    Date Created: 2006/10/11
  2. Session: Optimal Service Pricing [Download]

    Title: Session: Optimal Service Pricing
    Creator: Pujari, Devashish
    Description: Three papers: 1.Determinants of winner’s curse in web-based auctions: An empirical study. Presenter: Devashish Pujari, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University; Co-authors: Sourav Ray, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University;Michael Baum, University of Bradford 2. How Much to Give: Impact of Donation Percentage on Selling Prices in Charity Auctions. Presenter: Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc, University of Alberta, Co-authors: Leo Wong, University of Alberta; Michael H. Rothkopf, Rutgers University 3. Price Adjustments for Multi-component Systems sold Online: Rational Inattention and Implications for Firm Performance. Presenter: Sourav Ray, McMaster University. Co-authors: Charles Wood, University of Notre Dame, Paul Messinger, University of Alberta. Discussant: John Beauchamp, E-Future Centre
    Subjects: auctions, pricing, online, winners curse
    Date Created: 2006/10/10
  3. Session: Implications of the Consumer Experience [Download]

    Title: Session: Implications of the Consumer Experience
    Creator: Murray, Kyle
    Description: Three papers: 1. The Impact of Personalization on Learning Curves and Customer Choice. PRESENTER: Kyle B. Murray, Ivey Business School. COAUTHORS: Gerald Häubl, University of Alberta, Eric Johnson, Columbia University. 2. Multi-channel retailing and shopping centre dynamics: Evidence from the Greater Toronto Area. PRESENTER: Tony Hernandez, Director, Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity, Ryerson University. 3. The Opposing Effects of Personalized Recommendations on Objective and Subjective Decision Outcomes. PRESENTER: Gerald Häubl, University of Alberta. Benedict Dellaert, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Murat Usta, University of Alberta. Discussant: Jack Goodman, BMW/Cooper Mini
    Subjects: consumers, personalization, shopping centres, multi-channel retailing, internet
    Date Created: 2006/10/11
  4. Session: Industry Applications [Download]

    Title: Session: Industry Applications
    Creator: Li, Jin
    Description: Two Papers: 1. Determinants of Permission Email Effectiveness. Presenter: Jin Li, University of Alberta. Co-author: Paul R. Messinger, University of Alberta. 2. Changes in Service Delivery in Residential Real Estate. Presenter: Jane Saber, University of Texas, Tyler. Co-author: Paul R. Messinger, University of Alberta. Discussant: John Beauchamp,eFuture Centre/Busines Link
    Subjects: real estate industry, permission e-mail, information technology, consumers
    Date Created: 2006/10/11
  5. Session: Dimensions of eService [Download]

    Title: Session: Dimensions of eService
    Creator: Finn, Adam
    Description: Two papers: 1.e-Service Quality Dimensions and the Importance of Customer Delight. Presenter: Adam Finn, University of Alberta. 2. Differentiating the Service Firm: e-CRM and Healthcare. Presenter: Raymond A. Patterson, University of Alberta. Co-authors: L.C. Burr, Eric Rolland, and Keith F. Ward Discussant: Trevor Poapst, Omni Corporation
    Subjects: customers, eservice, service quality
    Date Created: 2006/10/11
  6. Plenary: The eService Paradigm [Download]

    Title: Plenary: The eService Paradigm
    Creator: Messinger, Paul
    Description: We propose a framework for eService that highlights the challenges of combining human and automated inputs. Because service processes involve co-generating value with consumers, our model intermeshes what the consumer does with what the business does. We accordingly link the stages of the service cycle with four levels of management activity. Needed management activity includes (a) planning strategy, (b) designing the process, (c) managing human resources, technology, and customer perceptions, and (d) measuring service and business performance in each stage of the service cycle. We provide recommendations for each of these levels of management activity, including (i) selecting the value offer, (ii) planning the process to integrate software, information systems, and human resources, (iii) management policy to assist in managing the service system on a day-to-day basis, and (iv) measurement and information systems that inform the management process. The proposed framework for eService is necessarily interdisciplinary, involving marketing (strategic positioning), finance (investment decisions), operations (service process planning and management), computing science (software and hardware planning), communications (customer relationship management), human resource management (personnel selection and training), management information systems (performance measurement), and consumer behavioral science (managing consumer expectations).
    Subjects: consumers, eservice
    Date Created: 2006/10/10
  7. Session: Alberta Government Support for eService [Download]

    Title: Session: Alberta Government Support for eService
    Creator: Williams, Amanda
    Description: Three papers: 1. The Alberta SuperNet: What Does it Mean to Rural Business Communities? PRESENTER: Amanda Williams, University of Calgary. COAUTHORS: Prof. Cooper H Langford; Dr. Stelvia Matos. 2.The Role of Community in the Evaluation Phase of Innovation Adoption Process: The Case of Rural Urban Digital Divide. PRESENTER: Dominic Thomas, University of Alberta. COAUTHORS: Adam Finn, University of Alberta; Stuart McFadyen, University of Alberta. 3. Alberta Government Support for eService. PRESENTER/DISCUSSANT: Dennis Mudryk, Alberta Government.
    Subjects: internet, government, SuperNet, broadband, rural communities
    Date Created: 2006/10/11
  8. Session: Assessing Investments in Combined Human and Automated Service Delivery [Download]

    Title: Session: Assessing Investments in Combined Human and Automated Service Delivery
    Creator: Tansey, Brendan
    Description: Two Papers: 1. \"ROI estimation for Service Oriented Computing\". Presenter: Brendan Tansey, University of Alberta,Co-author: Eleni Stroulia, University of Alberta. 2. Value-at-Risk in Systems and Technology Investments: A Framework for Managing Project Portfolio Uncertainties. Presenter: Ryan Sougstad, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, New York, and Information and Decision Sciences Department, Carlson School of Management. Co-author: Robert J. Kauffman, Director, MIS Research Center, and Professor, University of Minnesota. Discussant: Raymond Patterson, University of Alberta
    Subjects: cost, IT value, automated service delivery, IT services
    Date Created: 2006/10/10
  9. Session: Online-Offline and Multi-channel Retailing [Download]

    Title: Session: Online-Offline and Multi-channel Retailing
    Creator: Goldfab, Avi
    Description: Three papaers: 1. Electronic Commerce and Local Competition PRESENTER : Avi Goldfarb, Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto.COAUTHORS: Chris Forman, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University.Anindya Ghose, Stern School of Business, New York University. 2. A Model of Pricing for Competing Multi-Channel Retailers. PRESENTER : Tarun Dewan, Ryerson University. 3. Competing with Gray Markets. PRESENTER: Mark Bergen, University of Minnesota DISCUSSANT: Doug Dea, Campers Village
    Subjects: multi-channel retailing, ecommerce, gray markets, consumers
    Date Created: 2006/10/10