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This collection comprises academic publications and trade articles on the genre of writing associated with research proposals, grant applications, funding-seeking, and the process sometimes referred to as 'grantsmanship'. The collection is curated by the Director, Grant Assist Program (Social Sciences and Humanities). If you wish to contribute to this collection, please contact us: For more information about the GAP for SSHRC applicants:
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  1. Genre Analysis of Research Proposals [Download]

    Title: Genre Analysis of Research Proposals
    Creator: Haiying Feng (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) Ling Shi (University of British Columbia, Canada)
    Description: Compared with other academic writing, the research grant proposal involves a high degree of marketisation with an attempt to sell the proposed research as well as the researcher. Instead of a general audience, it addresses two different groups of readers: peer reviewers who are highly informed about the topic, and members of the grant review committee who might or might not be engaged in the same research area.
    Subjects: grant-writing, genre-analysis, research grants, research proposals, SSHRC
    Date Created: 2004/01/01