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Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences)

The University-wide Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) supports applicants to CIHR through the delivery of feedback processes, workshops, editing and resources. This initiative is jointly supported by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry and the Vice-President Research Office. This community is dedicated to providing easy access to valuable workshop materials and resources (i.e. templates, guidelines, checklists) developed as part of the initiative and readily available for download. This community will continue to expand and modify its resources to provide up-to-date and helpful information to CIHR applicants. Create an ERA account to subscribe to our community or specific collections and stay informed. Subscribers will receive an email notification when new items are deposited in the collections. To provide feedback, or if assistance is required with subscribing or downloading items, please contact Helen Coe, Project Coordinator, Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences)
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  1. Tips for Discussing Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) or Trainees [Download]

    Title: Tips for Discussing Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) or Trainees
    Creator: Carey, Jason - Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Description: This resource has tips capturing information about trainees in grant applications. These tips were extracted from the NSERC Discovery Grant Roundtable PowerPoint presentations by the following speakers: Drs. Jason Carey (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Greg Funk (Department of Physiology), Thomas Hillen (Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences), Charles Lucy (Department of Chemistry) and Horacio Marquez (Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering). The tips have been adapted for CIHR proposals. Thank you to the Grant Assist Program (Natural Sciences & Engineering) for hosting these roundtables.
    Subjects: HQP, trainees
    Date Created: 2017/08/11
  2. Tips for Preparing your Canadian Common CV (CCV) [Download]

    Title: Tips for Preparing your Canadian Common CV (CCV)
    Creator: Lucy, Charles - Professor, Department of Chemistry
    Description: This resource contains tips for capturing information in your Canadian Common CV.
    Subjects: CCV, tips
    Date Created: 2017/08/11
  3. Grant Writing Tips [Download]

    Title: Grant Writing Tips
    Creator: Evans, David - Professor & Vice-Dean (Research), Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
    Description: This poster contains tips for writing your CIHR grant application.
    Subjects: writing
    Date Created: 2017/08/11
  4. Summary of University of Alberta Feedback for​ ​CIHR Working Group Meeting [Download]

    Title: Summary of University of Alberta Feedback for​ ​CIHR Working Group Meeting
    Creator: Joanne Simala-Grant
    Description: This document summarizes the feedback received from the University of Alberta community, which was used by University of Alberta delegates at the CIHR Working Meeting requested by the Federal Minister of Health.
    Subjects: CIHR, Feedback
    Date Created: 2016/07/13
  5. Resources – non-OOGP non-training competitions

    Title: Resources – non-OOGP non-training competitions
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: This initiative hosts and develops resources that provide information on funding opportunities at CIHR beyond the OOGP and trainee awards as well as other about other funding organizations. Found here is information as to how to apply to CIHR Institute Advisory Boards and general information on grantsmanship.
  6. Knowledge Translation for Basic Scientists Video [Download]

    Title: Knowledge Translation for Basic Scientists Video
    Creator: Kelly Mklas
    Subjects: Knowledge Translation
    Date Created: 2016-01-11
  7. Bibliometrics & Research Impact Workshop Hand outs [Download]

    Title: Bibliometrics & Research Impact Workshop Hand outs
    Creator: CIHR
    Subjects: Bibliometrics, CIHR, Research Impact, Metrics, Articles, Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports, InCites Database, Scopus
    Date Created: 2016-03-24
  8. Updates and Metrics (Grant Assist Program Health Sciences)

    Title: Updates and Metrics (Grant Assist Program Health Sciences)
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: The CIHR Special Project Update and Metrics collection includes documents summarizing the support provided for specific competitions and assessment of that support as well as some University of Alberta statistics.
  9. Foundation Competition Resources

    Title: Foundation Competition Resources
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: CIHR is undergoing significant changes to its open programs and associated peer review (see
    ). The Grant Assist Program (Health Sciences) [GAP-HS] is dedicated to supporting applicants as they navigate changes at CIHR thus this folder includes resources such as mock applications and strategic checklists. More resources will be added as they are developed.
  10. University Delegate (CIHR) Information

    Title: University Delegate (CIHR) Information
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: Dr. Christian Beaulieu (Department of Biomedical Engineering) is the new University of Alberta CIHR University Delegate. CIHR makes the following statement with respect to the role of the University Delegate: "The CIHR University Delegate (UD) network has been in place since 2001. This group meets once a month via teleconference, and its mandate is to keep the health research community, within the university and its affiliated institutions, informed of CIHR's research directions, initiatives and decisions, and to solicit their active participation on awareness activities. Through the UDs, CIHR seeks the views of the community on key policy and implementation questions and is attentive to concerns expressed by the UDs and the communities they represent."