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Religious Studies Program

The Interdisciplinary Program in Religious Studies offers a Major, Minor, Honours and Combined Honors at the BA undergraduate level, and at the graduate level MA and PhD degrees. Areas of strength include the religious traditions of antiquity, biblical studies, history of Christianity, Islamic Studies, "world" religions in a post-colonial, globalized perspective, East Asian and South Asian Religions and new religions.
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  1. Journal Articles (Religious Studies)

    Title: Journal Articles (Religious Studies)
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  2. Doctoral Seminar (Religious Studies)

    Title: Doctoral Seminar (Religious Studies)
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  3. Religious Studies Symposium

    Title: Religious Studies Symposium
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  4. "Between the Words I Write" [Download]

    Title: "Between the Words I Write"
    Creator: Francis Landy
    Subjects: Poetics, Hebrew Bible