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WISEST Summer Research Program

Sponsored by WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology), this program provides an opportunity for young women and young men who have completed Grade 11 to gain firsthand information about diverse fields in Science, Engineering and Technology disciplines. Participants work as paid research assistants on a project in an area that is less-traditional for their gender for six weeks during the summer. Participation in this program helps students broaden their awareness of career opportunities and encourages them to explore a future in a variety of fields.
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  1. WISEST Research Posters

    Title: WISEST Research Posters
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  2. HYRS 2016

    Title: HYRS 2016
    Description: WISEST has undertaken the Heritage Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) Program for the 2016 Summer Research Program. The HYRS program runs concurrently with the WISEST Summer Research Program and HYRS students attend WISEST run sessions and events. HYRS is an initiative that also targets grade 11 students, both male and female, to help them broaden their experience with and exposure to health science and biomedical research​. The HYRS program students have conducted research that is focused in fields of health sciences, and have created posters to document this research.