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Canadian Circumpolar Institute

The Canadian Circumpolar Institute is an interdisciplinary centre dedicated to promoting, facilitating and conducting research of the highest caliber throughout the circumpolar world. We strive to develop an institute that will contribute to effective decision making, assist in the development of sustainable communities, and advance the understanding of circumpolar regions generally.
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  1. 50th Anniversary Celebration

    Title: 50th Anniversary Celebration
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  2. Comparing Indigenou s Approaches to Autism with Western Approaches to Autism [Download]

    Title: Comparing Indigenou s Approaches to Autism with Western Approaches to Autism
    Creator: Anna Wilson
    Description: Comparing Indigenous Approaches to Autism with Western Approaches to Autism Anna Wilson, University of Alberta On United Nations World Autism Day 2015, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon encouraged policymakers, professionals, employers, service providers, and caregivers to create an inclusive society by recognizing the strengths of people with autism, instead of focusing on their weaknesses (para. 6).Unfortunately, more than 80 per cent of adults with autism are unemployed globally (2015, para. 11). In order to reach World Autism Awareness Day’s goal of empowering people impacted by autism it is imperative to challenge Western society’s medical model of autism as a disease with the empowering Navajo view of autism as a beautiful difference. This envisions people with autism as a source of social capital instead of a social burden raising awareness into Library and Information Studies. The World Health Organization supports librarians’ roles by claiming that “E-learning approaches, and innovative models for engaging” (Ki-moon, 2014, para. 11) people with autism to share their valuable experiences through a variety of digital mediums can be facilitated by library professionals. Librarians can challenge societies’ stereotypes of autism through helping people impacted by autism to share their stories through creating online digital stories, digital library collections or websites. This paper addresses these objectives through the following steps: Firstly, autism and transformative learning will be defined in the context of the research questions. Secondly, a comparative analysis of case studies will be given. Thirdly, the healing stories within these case studies will be synthesized through transformative learning. Fourthly, future research implications for library and information studies will be critically analyzed.
    Subjects: Autism, Navajo, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Indigenous
    Date Created: 2015/06/02
  3. Circumpolar Digital Image Collection

    Title: Circumpolar Digital Image Collection
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: The Circumpolar Digital Image Collection is a collection of photos, slides, other images and contributions shared by many of the University of Alberta’s polar researchers. Images in the collection may be used for teaching and research purposes. For any other use, please contact the Canadian Circumpolar Institute.
  4. Circumpolar Collection

    Title: Circumpolar Collection
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  5. Dr. Otto Schaefer Collection

    Title: Dr. Otto Schaefer Collection
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: Collection consists of slides and photographs by Dr. Otto Schaeffer (1919-2009) taken during a 32 year career as a medical doctor in Canada's arctic. Images include landscapes, documentation of Inuit life, medical problems, travel for circupolar health conferences, and the Schaefer family in Aklavik, Pangnirtung, and Whitehorse. Some secondary documents are also included to support the images.
  6. Northern North America Collection

    Title: Northern North America Collection
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: These images were donated to the University of Alberta by Dr. Joel Martin Halpern, a prominent anthropologist who did extensive work in the northern parts of North America.