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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at the University of Alberta was established in 1964. The Department is home to approximately 27 full-time faculty whose research activities cover a broad spectrum of topics, including: Resource Economics; Environmental Economics; Public Finance; International and Financial Market Economics; Applied Macroeconomics; Industrial Organization; Labour Economics; and Sports and Gaming Economics.
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  1. Energy Prices and Alberta Government Revenue Volatility [Download]

    Title: Energy Prices and Alberta Government Revenue Volatility
    Creator: Constance Smith
    Subjects: Energy prices, Alberta government revenue volatility, stabilization funds
    Date Created: 2010
  2. Henry George Graduate Prize in Economics

    Title: Henry George Graduate Prize in Economics
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: The Henry George Graduate Prize in Economics, established in 2013, is awarded annually for the best graduate student essay related to a topic chosen from a list released with the annual announcement of the competition.
  3. Working Papers (Economics)

    Title: Working Papers (Economics)
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  4. Journal Articles (Economics)

    Title: Journal Articles (Economics)
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  5. Hanson Lectures

    Title: Hanson Lectures
    Description: Eric J. Hanson Lecture Series The Hanson Lecture Series was established to honor the contributions of Professor Emeritus of Economics (deceased) Eric J. Hanson to economics and public policy. Professor Hanson's work encompasses seminal studies on public economics and energy economics. His research has also contributed to the design of public policy institutions. Dr. Hanson's academic honors include election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health, U.K., and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
  6. Book Reviews (Economics)

    Title: Book Reviews (Economics)
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  7. Other Publications (Economics)

    Title: Other Publications (Economics)
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