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Secondary Education, Department of

The Department of Secondary Education offers an extensive array of courses and programs in both undergraduate and graduate studies. The Undergraduate Secondary Route Teacher Education Program prepares students to be teacher specialists in each of the subject areas represented in the secondary schools of the Province of Alberta. The Department offers both masters and doctoral programs. Graduate studies may be pursued with a subject area focus, as a teacher education inquiry, or with a curriculum/pedagogical studies orientation. The Department has a strong research focus in a variety of fields in curriculum studies and teacher education. Department members have a number of funded research projects.
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  1. Journal Articles (Secondary Education)

    Title: Journal Articles (Secondary Education)
  2. Master of Education: Secondary Education Final Projects

    Title: Master of Education: Secondary Education Final Projects
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: Description: Course-based M.Ed. students in the Department of Secondary Education are required to complete a final inquiry project at the end of their Master's programs. M.Ed. projects are governed by three underlying principles: 1) the exploration of an inquiry question of academic and professional interest. 2) the creation of knowledge as a result of the inquiry. 3) the dissemination of knowledge to the appropriate audiences. Departmental contacts are the Graduate Coordinator and/or the Graduate Programs Administrator.
  3. Eyetracking: How do Students Read? [Download]

    Title: Eyetracking: How do Students Read?
    Creator: Susan Chaudoir
    Description: 2013. Guest lecture to third-year pre-service teachers.
    Subjects: Invited Presentations to Classes
    Date Created: November 28, 2013
  4. Research Materials (Secondary Education)

    Title: Research Materials (Secondary Education)
    Creator: ERA Administrator