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The Department of Political Science prides itself for seeking balance between tradition and innovation in both teaching and research. We focus both on appreciating the rich traditional core of our discipline — the fields of Canadian politics, political theory, international relations and comparative politics remain central to our work — but are also actively concerned with new multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary questions, insights and approaches.
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  1. Provocation and Panic from Fraser to Bouchard: Ordinary Person or Hegemonic Male? [Download]

    Title: Provocation and Panic from Fraser to Bouchard: Ordinary Person or Hegemonic Male?
    Creator: Chittick, Kyler
    Description: This paper was produced throughout the summer of 2015 with funding from the University of Alberta's Undergraduate Research Initiative. Providing a brief contextual history of "gay panic" as a psychological "condition" and legal strategy, the paper considers two Canadian cases where a "gay panic defense" was advanced by the accused. Through analyses of both cases, the paper explores the contemporary relationship between masculinity, homosexuality and the courts. It concludes by demonstrating how in the most recent case, a "gay panic defense" failed (likely due to changes in the Canadian view of same-sex desire). By way of conclusion, the paper questions why such defenses are even heard in our current judicial moment.
    Subjects: Legal Theory, Feminist Studies , Queer Theory , Masculinities, Gay Panic Defense
    Date Created: September 3, 2015
  2. Journal Articles (Political Science)

    Title: Journal Articles (Political Science)
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  3. Honours Essays (Political Science)

    Title: Honours Essays (Political Science)
    Description: Political Science Honors Essays are original research papers written by undergraduate students during the final two semesters of their undergraduate studies. Students are supported in this undertaking by faculty members who serve as honors supervisors. The papers in this collection have also benefited from feedback provided at the annual Department of Political Science Honors Conference.
  4. Book Reviews (Political Science)

    Title: Book Reviews (Political Science)
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