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Department of Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta has established itself as a major centre, both nationally and internationally, for graduate education and research in the empirical study of human language. Our faculty and graduate students are actively involved in a wide range of data-driven linguistic research with a strong focus on the empirical study of language through observation, fieldwork, and experimentation. We are also home to several major research grants in the areas of language acquisition, psycholinguistics, acoustic phonetics, phonology, field linguistics, corpus linguistics, and language revitalization.
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  1. Honours theses (Linguistics)

    Title: Honours theses (Linguistics)
    Creator: ERA Administrator
    Description: The Honours Thesis is a piece of original research written by undergraduate students with the guidance of a faculty member over the final two semesters of the student's program.
  2. Research Materials (Linguistics)

    Title: Research Materials (Linguistics)
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  3. Research Publications

    Title: Research Publications
    Creator: ERA Administrator
  4. It's all about, like, acoustics [Download]

    Title: It's all about, like, acoustics
    Creator: Podlubny, Ryan G.
    Description: The present study explores the possibility of systematic acoustic differences that could be used to differentiate ‘homophones’. This study investigates productions of like in western Canadian English, focusing specifically on acoustic characteristics and whether they differ across multiple distinct lexical and grammatical functions. Segment duration, word duration, and degree of diphthongization are explored for variation as a function of semantic category. We demonstrate that some variation is predictable given the form of like a speaker produces.
    Subjects: homophones, homographs, speech production, representation, frequency effects
    Date Created: 2015/04/20